Graduate students may enroll in classes anytime during the official enrollment period for each quarter. Students enroll via TritonLink (http://mytritonlink.ucsd.edu).

The schedule of classes, available on TritonLink, will contain the most recent scheduling information available for Scripps. You must be registered for at least 12 units of graduate and/or upper division courses every quarter to maintain full-time status.

Enrollment information and deadlines will be sent to you via e-mail. The information is also posted on the web calendar at the Registrar’s Office (http://registrar.ucsd.edu). Questions may be directed to the Scripps graduate coordinators.

Schedule of Classes: The Schedule lists course offerings and other pertinent information for a given quarter. The schedule of classes can be viewed on-line via TritonLink.

Add/Change/Drop: For the first two weeks of the quarter, changes to your course schedule can be made via TritonLink. After the second week of the quarter, an Add/Drop card, with departmental and Graduate Division signature approval is required for each change. The card can be obtained from the Graduate Office. You are responsible for submitting the card to the Registrar. Deadlines are as follows:
Adding a course = 4:00 pm, Friday of 10th week
Dropping a course = 4:00 pm, Friday of 9th week