Building Bridges to Business

Scripps Institution of Oceanography is a world-renowned leader in the study of earth systems. Scripps science ranges from seminal work in global climate change to understanding El NiƱo and its impact on North American weather extremes. Scripps is also at the forefront of new discoveries in biofuels and pharmaceuticals from the sea and conducts research ranging from mapping the ocean floor for oil exploration to gaining a better understanding of catastrophic earthquakes.

There are hundreds of active research projects at Scripps, and our scientists can be found on every continent and in every ocean as they collaborate on research with colleagues throughout the United States and in 65 nations.

Not surprisingly, Scripps is increasingly being called upon by the public and by policy makers to provide the scientific expertise necessary to address environmental questions. To meet this challenge, Scripps has developed three initiatives: to seek new approaches to environmental science, to teach leaders of tomorrow's science, and to communicate new understanding of scientific discoveries.

Business Development at Scripps

The Scripps Office of Business Development uses an entrepreneurial approach to connect earth, ocean, atmospheric, and climate science to corporate risk management, business product development, and investment portfolios. There are two primary initiatives:

  • Scripps innovation, invention, and new venture creation.
  • Research partnerships, including the Scripps Partnership for Hazards and Environmental Applied Research (SPHEAR).