Eligible travel expenses

CASPO researcher Jim Swift visits Palmer Station, Antartica aboard NSF icebreaker RV Laurence M Gould

Eligible travel expenses

What expenses can be claimed for travel?

Travelers are expected to take the most economical mode of transportation. If you pay more, you must pay for the difference yourself.

You can claim reimbursement for your own travel expenses. Do not pay for someone else's travel unless you set up the trip in advance as group travel.

When flying on research funds, it is the discretion of the PI how much you can be reimbursed. Please discuss the travel amounts and eligible expenses with the PI before you travel.


  • Coach/economy or equivalent airfare when available, must show on receipt.
  • Contact your fund manager BEFORE you book any foreign airline or risk paying it out of pocket.
  • Business travel expenses only. Provide a comparison quote for most economical route for any deviation for personal travel.
  • Additional baggage fees must be justified in the notes.


  • Reasonably priced single room or equivalent only.
  • Receipt must be itemized with your name on the receipt.


  • Rental cars must be economy class. Waive the insurance for domestic rentals. Must provide itemized receipt.
  • Personal mileage, taxis, shuttles and buses with brief to/from description in notes.
  • Two round trips for personal mileage can be claimed if someone drove you in your car to the airport.
  • Note- transportation to meals is included in M&I, not Ground.


  • For 24hr+ trips only. Claim exact amounts. $71/day max.
  • NO alcohol expenses allowed. Include this exact statement in notes:
    • “I confirm that none of the meals/incidental expenses being reimbursed include any alcohol expenses”


  • The system calculates per diem for you.
  • Note: 1 day = 24hr. Each partial day to nearest quarter (6hrs)


  • Any unusual expenses should have an itemized receipt and need to be explained in the notes.


If you have any questions about whether an expense is reimbursable or not, please contact your fund manager or Will Rivera.