CASPO Travel Guide

CASPO Travel Guide

What are the eligible travel expenses?

You can only be reimbursed for your own travel expenses. Expenses must be the most economical and must be reasonable business expenses. Click here for a list of Eligible Travel Expenses.

Travel Insurance

To be covered by travel insurance on your trip, either

Below is a link to the extensive benefits you will receive.



For more information, please see the Business Travel Accident Insurance page on Blink.


You do not have to pay anything out of pocket. Prepayments are available:

Connexxus provides prepaid airfare, train tickets, car rental, and hotel.

We can pre-pay your hotel, registration, or offer a cash advance to pay for food and other expenses. Contact your travel preparer or fund manager at least ten days in advance of travel.

A Travel Card can be used to cover ALL travel expenses. Prepayments can also be made to the Travel Card. Learn more and sign up for a card here.

Booking Travel

Do not book foreign airfare until your fund manager has given you approval. There are many restrictions for foreign airfare. If you book an unallowable foreign flight you may have to pay it out of pocket. Send your itinerary to your fund manager or travel preparer for approval before you book.

Do not book packages. Separate itemized receipts for airfare, hotels and rental cars are required. You will not be reimbursed for package deals.

How to process your own Travel

MyTravel is the online tool for all travel. It is paperless, easy to use, and fast. Travelers can use the system to input their own travel expenses and be reimbursed within a day. Or a travel preparer or fund manager can process it for you.

You can access MyTravel anywhere, anytime. Download the UCSD app by searching your app store for UCSD. In the app, MyTravel is under the Blink Tools icon. Or link here to the web. Then log in with your Single Sign On.

Visitors and new travelers

Visitors- first contact the fund manager with your name, address, email, and SSN. If you prefer, call your fund manager with your SSN. Foreign travelers- you also need to provide your Visa type.

New travelers- you need to have a email and SSO log-in before traveling. Click here to self-register for Single Sign On.

Create your Trip

Create your trip BEFORE you travel to allow for prepayments and provide you with travel insurance.

In MyTravel, click on Create a New Trip under Available Actions then complete the simple form.


The Trip description is the title of the trip that will show in your list of trips.

The Purpose of the trip is a longer description showing the business purpose.

For faster approval, include the index number in the purpose of the trip.

Enter your fund manager’s name as the travel preparer.

STUDENTS- You must complete this Student Certificate for Business-Related Travel before you can create a Trip. Click here for more information on student travel in Blink.

During travel

Keep your receipts!

Download the Travel Completion Form and fill it out to keep track of your expenses and determine which receipts you need to keep.

Or, you can attach receipts on the go!

In the UCSD app click on the Trip, then attach receipts. Or in the web version of MyTravel select Attachments under Actions for the Trip.

Tips for receipts:

Attach a scan or a fully readable photo of the receipt.

Receipts are required for ALL air, baggage, hotel, car rental. Other receipts are only required for expenses over $75.

Receipts must include the form of payment.

Airfare receipt must include itinerary.

Original receipts are NOT required.

PDF format is preferred.

Keep track of your expenses by claiming on the go!

In the web version of MyTravel, click Claim Expenses under Actions for the Trip. Then at the bottom, click on Quick Wizard. This allows you to write in the amounts and notes for each expense. Click here for a list of Eligible Travel Expenses.

Completing MyTravel

In MyTravel, click on Claim Expenses then click through the tabs and input or correct the amounts and notes. Then attach receipts and select an index. When everything is complete and accurate, click I Accept. This is your electronic signature.

Note: As soon as you hit I Accept you will no longer be able to edit the MyTravel. Only your travel preparer or fund manager can make changes.

What happens next?

Your fund manager will get PI approval (if needed), review the travel for accuracy and compliance, then approve. In most cases you will receive payment via direct deposit within a day of final approval.

Travel performs audits which may delay payment. Avoid the red warnings to reduce the risk of audit.