Center for Environment and National Security

Mission Statement:

The Center uses the formidable science and research capacity of Scripps Institution of Oceanography to clarify significant environmental impacts on our national security and international human security, thus bringing information to policy makers for the resolution of society's most pressing problems.

Topics of Interest:

Climate solution, science, regional and decadal applications, failed states, droughts, refugees, drinking water, land degradation, vulnerability, resilience, mitigation, adaptation, Oceans policy, rising sea level, acidification, Arctic navigation, geo-engineering, extended continental shelf, marine mammals, fish populations, marine spatial planning, energy and the economy, renewable energy, bio fuel, environmental policy, sustainability, international peace/conflict resolution.

Current Project:

Sponsored by the World Bank, the India-California Mitigation Program (ICAMP) is a joint initiative between the University of California at San Diego, The Energy Resources Institute, India and the California Air Resources Board. Click on the following link for more information: