CMBC Brown Bag – April 4, 2017

How to Value the Economic Benefits of Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services for Policy Use – from Deep-Sea Cold Water Coral Reefs to Coastal Oil Spill Damages in Norway
Speaker: Ståle Navrud, Visiting Professor
12:30 – 1:30
4500 Hubbs Hall
Abstract:  Two case studies will be presented to illustrate the possibilities and challenges in providing economic estimates of the benefits provided by the marine and coastal cultural ecosystem services (ES), i.e. recreational use values and the non-use values (existence and bequest values) of preserving coastal and marine biodiversity.

In addition to providing monetary estimates for policy use, these studies also address important methodological challenges in ES valuation like the temporal stability of peoples preferences for coastal and marine ES, regional differences in preferences, definition of the “affected” population” to aggregate benefits over, scope effects (i.e. are people willing to pay more to preserve more CWC/avoid larger oil spills and ES damages), linking oil spill dispersion models and scientists´expert estimates of ES damages, and how to present temporal losses in complex ES in ways people can understand in stated preference surveys.