CMBC was established in May 2001 to promote a holistic, interdisciplinary approach in the education of future leaders in marine biodiversity and conservation and in research to find better ways to effectively interface between the natural and social sciences.

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Our thanks to founding Director  Dr. Nancy Knowlton  (2001 – 2007) and Dr. Jeremy Jackson (2007 – 2011) for their visionary leadership.  Dr. Lisa Levin  the current Director, was appointed in July 2011.

Major Accomplishments 

*  Convened major international and interdisciplinary marine conferences
*  Created new 4 unit course in ocean policy, law and economics
*  Received two major grants for interdisciplinary Ph.D. training from NSF
*  Created a 16 unit summer intensive interdisciplinary training course
*  Created a  Master of Advanced Studies program in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
*  Created the student run Environmental Science and Policy group at SIO to promote integration of student research into the policy process
*  Created the student run Interdisciplinary Forum for Environmental Research to promote cross campus research and education
* Created the student managed Climate Science for Informed Policy to inform international delegates on the importance of the oceans in climate negotiations.
* Established and continue to manage 12 major research groups.