Success stories

20 years of Cabo Pulmo science

Twenty years ago, the reefs at Cabo Pulmo were heavily degraded. Community foresight and hard work turned this small village into a nationa park and conservation success story. Total fish biomass inside the reserve has increased more than 400% from pre-reserve levels and now resembles some of the world’s most pristine ecosystems.
Download the report: 20_yrs_Cabo_Pulmo_GCMP_eng

Cabo Pulmo marine reservedavid and goliath low res BE

This photo (right) by Assistant Professor, Octavio Aburto, brought Cabo Pulmo marine reserve into the global media spotlight. In doing so, the outcry for protection moved the Mexican government to abandon a development project that may have destroyed the park.

CMBC research cited in California Shark Fin Ban

Research by CMBC associated faculty and students was cited as an important source for deliberations (and ultimate voting support) for the bill to ban the trade of shark fins.

CMBC research cited in establishing US Marine Monument

Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands.
Sandin et al. 2008 Baselines and Degradation of Coral Reefs in the Northern Line Islands.
PLOS One Vol 3 (2) e1548

Graduates making a difference

Our graduates have a global impact: 25% of our graduates are working with government agencies, 30% are with non-government agencies working with communities on public education and policy issues, 15% in research or consulting positions in the marine industry and the remainder in academic research. Learn more about our Alumni.