CMBC Alumni attend Ocean Gala Award Ceremony 2019.  Matt Mulrennan, Dr. Miriam Goldstein, Kim McIntyre, Dr. Jeremy Jackson, Dr. Nancy Knowlton, Dr. Ayana Johnson and Shannon Yee.

Welcome CMBC Alumni

The Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation’s MAS-MBC and Ph.D. training programs were established in 2004.  Almost 300 students have received their degrees and are transferring their interdisciplinary education into influential positions across many fields tLogo by Du Niu (MAS-MBC Class of 2010)hat help to preserve our marine and other natural resources.  Alumni are working in city, state, and federal government positions, and with well known NGOs and advocacy organization,  museums, educational institutions, and environmental consulting firms  in the U.S., Indonesia, South Africa, Germany, Mexico, India, Chile, Australia, France, Panama, Micronesia and China.

The intent of the CMBC Alumni Community is to improve personal and professional connections among our alumni, maintain alumni involvement with CMBC’s current students and to take pride in our accomplishments.

The latest alumni networking map:

Capstone Project Master List

Logo by Du Niu (MAS-MBC Class of 2010)

Stay in Touch

Check the Alumni News page for the latest individual updates.

You may occasionally hear from your Alumni Coordinator requesting updates.
Feel free to reach out to them directly with your updates.  Email addresses are below:

MAS 2005 & 2006: CMBC Program Office
MAS 2007:  KIm McIntyre
MAS 2008:  Cody Hooven
MAS 2009:  Michelle (Lande) Maloney, Lisa Gilfillan
MAS 2010:  Matthew (Huelsenbeck) Mulrennan
MAS 2011:  Ariana Merlino
MAS 2012:  Tamara Mayer Schwent,  Kristina Malizia
MAS 2013:   Sam (Yat-Long) Poon, Nayantara Jain
MAS 2014:  Amy Bowman, Lalitha Asirvadam 
MAS 2015:  Alecia Amerson
MAS 2016:  Bridget Altman
MAS 2017:   Allison Lee
MAS 2018:   Hillary Eggers
MAS 2019:  Kate Meyer
Ph.D.s – CMBC Program Office

CMBC Alumni Groups are organizing regionally. Regional Contacts:

Washington, DC:  Shannon Yee
New England (group still organizing in and around Boston):
Jeff Wescott, Adam Baske, Greg Wells

Please keep us updated!  We maintain a database with up-to-date contact and career information to facilitate continued interaction between our alumni and current students.

By the numbers (2005-2018):  215 MAS-MBC graduates and 83 Ph.D. graduates.

21 graduates have received Knauss Policy Fellowships

14 have received California Sea Grant Marine Policy Fellowships