Alumni News



ELENA PEREZ (MAS 2014)  is now Coastal Program Analyst in San Francisco for the Bay Conservation and Development Commission


CAROLINA BONIN (Ph.D. 2012) now Assistant Professor at Hampton University in Virginia

  BEN GILBERT (Ph.D. Economics 2011) now Assistant Professor at Colorado School of Mines in Golden,  Colorado
  NATI DELHERBE (MAS 2015) is starting her Ph.D. at SDSU in the join program with UC San Diego in Cell and Molecular Biology
  JOHANNA MARSTERS (MAS 2015) in Seattle at the Puget Sound Quality Specialists Inc. as Seafood Inspector
  SABRINA MASHBURN (MAS 2016) remains in San Diego at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command as Environmental Consultant
  ANDREW NOSAL (Ph.D. 2012)   Adjunct Assistant Professor of Environmental and Ocean Sciences at the University of San Diego. He also participated in the summer’s communication training and we hope he will be a permanent addition to the team.
KATE HANSON (PH.D 2011) in addition to her work in designing curriculum, Kate was recently appointed Oceanographer and Science Writer at IXL Learning in North Carolina.
ASHLEIGH PALINKAS (MAS-MBC 2014) works full-time at SIO as Scientific Diving Technician & Assistant Aquarist.  She was recently named as one of the 35 “Women in Science You Should be Following on Social Media”:
CATHERINE COURTIER (MAS-MBC 2016) is now a California Sea Grant State Fellow with the Delta Stewardship Council in Sacramento, working on science, policy and resource management issues.
STEPHANIE NEHASIL (MAS-MBC 2010) have received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship award, was admitted as a PhD student in the UCSD Department of Biology.  She will wobe working with the Kurle lab and NOAA SWFSC on how environmental variability drives predator-prey dynamics in the California Current Ecosystem.
ERENDIRA ACEVES (MAS-MBC 2009) has completed her Ph.D. at Bren ScHool working on the ecological and social impacts of Gulf of California Pelagic Fisheries
PALOMA AGUIRE (MAS-MBC 2015) after serving her John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship at the Office of US Senator Cory Booker, she is continuing her awesome ocean career at the Pew Charitable Trusts working as their Federal Fisheries Policy Analyst
ELIZABETH TERK (MAS-MBC 2010) promoted to Director of Conservation, Planning and Science at the Nature Conservancy – Micronesia where she has served since 2013.

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