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PALOMA AGUIRRE (MAS 2015) ecently completed the “Building Community Solutions to Marine Litter in the Tijuana River Watershed Project” for the Commission for Environmental Cooperation as Coastal and Marine Director for WILDCOAST, just completed her first 100 days in office as City of Imperial Beach Councilwoman, and is nominated for a 2019 Shift Award in the Adventure Athlete Category.
KATE MASURY  (MAS-MBC 2016)  – In partnership with the University of Rhode Island, the nonprofit Easting with the Ecosystem and Johnson & Wales University College of Culinary Arts, has co-authored the book Simmering the Sea: Diversifying Cookery to Sustain Our Fisheries
SCOTT SHATTO (MAS 2018)  – 2019 California SeaGrant Fellows – serving at the Ocean Protection Council on MPAs
MEGHAN EMIDY (MAS 2018) – 2019 California SeaGrant Fellow – serving at the Port of San Diego working on wetland restoration and coastal enhancement
ALLISON KELLUM (MAS 2018)- 2019 California SeaGrant Fellow – serving at the Ocean Protection Council on sea-level rise adaptation
LOREN MCCLENACHAN (Ph.D. 2009) and JEFFREY O’HARA (Ph.D. Economics 2007) were in the same CMBC Summer bootcamp.  They’ve reunited to collaborate on a new paper published in Marine Policy on institutional purchasing of local seafood.

Factors influencing ‘Sea to School’ purchases of local seafood products

KATHRYN (KATE) FURBY (Ph.D. 2017) our first SIO PIER graduate. Awarded the AAAS Mass Media Fellowship.  Kate will spend this summer writing for the Washington Post.
  AYANA JOHNSON (PH.D. 2011).  If I published all Ayana’s news items, there would be no room for others.  Here’s her latest story, published in the LA Times:
What the Trump administration doesn’t understand about ocean conservation
TARA WHITTY (PH.D. 2014) shared a major product of her dissertation.  Published in Ecology and the Environment, it reflect s the concepts and ways of thinking she learned at CMBC.

Find her paper here:

ALICIA AMERSON (MAS-2015) makes the local news!
“Whale watching in the age of drones

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