Alumni News


EMILY CALLAHAN and AMBER JACKSON (MAS 2013) made the Forbes #30under30 in the energy category for their company Rigs to Reefs Exploration, which aims to transfer offshore oil platforms into artificial reefs.  Congratulations!

ALICIA AMERSON (MAS-2015) makes the local news!
“Whale watching in the age of drones


( Ph.D. 2010) with Dr. Mark Vermeji authored a paper with important coral reef conservation implications.

“Corals in Healthy Populations Produce More Larvae Per Unit Cover”Conservation Letters

BRIDGET ALTMAN (MAS 2016) joined the Ocean Discovery Institute as School Programs Coordinator.  Her position at the The San Diego Foundation will soon be available.

ELENA PEREZ (MAS 2014)  is now Coastal Program Analyst in San Francisco for the Bay Conservation and Development Commission


CAROLINA BONIN (Ph.D. 2012) now Assistant Professor at Hampton University in Virginia

  BEN GILBERT (Ph.D. Economics 2011) now Assistant Professor at Colorado School of Mines in Golden,  Colorado
  NATI DELHERBE (MAS 2015) is starting her Ph.D. at SDSU in the join program with UC San Diego in Cell and Molecular Biology
  JOHANNA MARSTERS (MAS 2015) in Seattle at the Puget Sound Quality Specialists Inc. as Seafood Inspector
  SABRINA MASHBURN (MAS 2016) remains in San Diego at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command as Environmental Consultant
  ANDREW NOSAL (Ph.D. 2012)   Adjunct Assistant Professor of Environmental and Ocean Sciences at the University of San Diego. He also participated in the summer’s communication training and we hope he will be a permanent addition to the team.
ASHLEIGH PALINKAS (MAS-MBC 2014) works full-time at SIO as Scientific Diving Technician & Assistant Aquarist.  She was recently named as one of the 35 “Women in Science You Should be Following on Social Media”:
PRESTON MCCORD (MAS-MBC 2017) is School Programs Coordinator for the Loggerhead Marine Life Center in Florida
LYNN MASSEY (MAS 2017)  is at NOAA in Long Beach
SHAYNA BRODY (MAS 2017) is at the Waitt Institute in San Diego
LARK STARKEY (MAS 2017) Conservationand Science Educator at WILDCOAST in San Diego
ALLISON LEE (MAS 2017) is starting the Ph.D. program at SIO
DEREK SOUTHERN (MAS 2017) turned down his Knauss Policy Fellowship to accept his dream job with the Port of San Diego on Blue Aquaculture Technology

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