Conservation – Personal Action

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Water Conservation
Water Conservation TIPS (Thanks to Michelle in Colorado Springs)
Water Conservation – EVERY DROP COUNTS (Thanks to Tyler – GreenTeensClub)
Water Conservation at Home  (Thanks to Susan and Mary)
Saving Water, Saving Money, and Saving the Earth (Thanks to Laura P.)

Recycling & Composting
Recycling and Composting (Thanks to Sarah & Jill)
Plastic shopping Bags & Environmental Impact (Thanks to Melissa & Megan)

10 tips for personal environmental accountability (A tribute)

Seafood Sustainability
Eat Locally (fresh seafood near you with recipes)- from NRDC
NOAA FishWatch

How to help conserve the ocean and stop pollution:
Green Boating blog
What you can do (National Marine Sanctuaries)
Everyday Ocean Protection Actions – from
Science to Action guides – from Conservation International

Get involved: ocean conservation action groups
Ocean Conservancy
Natural Resources Defense Council – Oceans Program
The Nature Conservancy – Marine Initiative
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)- Marine Program

Support the Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

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