IFER – Interdisciplinary Forum on Environmental Research

IFER provides a dedicated space for consistent interaction to integrate different disciplinary vocabularies and cultures to accelerate cross-disciplinary research to address common problems related to environmental degradation.  The student led forum fosters a sense of community to develop interdisciplinary collaboration and communication across campus.  The Forum is a collaboration between CMBC and the UCSD Center for Humanities Critical Ecologies Group and COLEF (El Colegio de la Frontera Norte) and meets every other week at a different location.
This is a 2 unit course (SIO296 Interdisciplinary Forum) with a rotating faculty lead. All PIER students are required to take this course for credit as part of the specialization degree.

Spring 2017
Faculty lead – Professor Dick Norris

photos from last the COLEF meeting of May 23 are posted on the on the IFER Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/367015083436543/

Planning for 2017-2018

Faculty leaders for 2017-2018
Fall 2017 – Lisa Levin (SIO)
Winter 2018 – Geoff Braswell (Anthropology)
Spring 2018 – Mark Jacobsen (Economics)

Coordinators 2017-2018

Note to coordinators – be sure to invite the faculty lead to your coordinating meetings

Coordinators in training

  • Brandon Gay (Anthropology)
  • Clint Edwards (SIO)
  • Wesley Howden (Economics)

Tentative Faculty leaders for 2018-2019
Joel Watson (Economics)
Jon Shurin (Biology)
Ayelet Gneezy  (Rady)

Thanks to Forum Coordinators 2016-2017
Rishi Sugla(SIO)
Cliff Kapono(Chemistry)
Kaitlin Lowder (SIO)
Kyle Haines (Political Science)

Thanks to Forum Coordinators 2014-2016
Jennifer Le (SIO)
Natalya Gallo (SIO)
Isla Globus-Harris (Economics)
Lauren Linsmayer (SIO)
Kyle Haines (Political Science)
Ben Van Overmeire (Literature)
Lyn Sun (Economics)
Yassir Eddebbar (SIO)

Topics in the 2014 – 2016 Forum included:

  • Indigenous knowledge and modern science
  • Scientific and Human Dimension of Climate Geoengineering
  • Impressions from the UN Climate Negotiations in Lima Peru (COP20)
  • The Fin Art of Ray Troll the ichthyo-artist
  • On the Nature of Borders