IFER – Interdisciplinary Forum on Environmental Research

This is a 2 unit course (SIOB269 Interdisciplinary Forum) with a rotating faculty lead. All PIER students are required to take this course for credit as part of the specialization degree.

IFER is a student-run forum to facilitate collaboration between students from different disciplines sharing a common interest in contemporary and historical environmental issues and how they intersect with social/economic/political networks. The outcome of each meeting will be to further a particular project, workshop a particular problem, or develop individual skill set as researchers and writers. IFER students will set the goal for each academic year by the end of Fall Quarter, and will entail one or more projects with a specific interdisciplinary research or public outreach component. These projects may include but are not limited to publications, white papers, public workshops and forums, op-eds, documentary shorts, and/or public campaigns. The projects will be designed to further develop our individual skills both as academics and engaged citizens within our communities. In addition, we will periodically collaborate with faculty to select various speakers with whom to host informal conversations that will provide insight, critical feedback, and constructive comments regarding these ongoing projects. At the end of each academic year, we will see concrete returns on the project of our choice, as determined in dialogue with our faculty mentors.

IFER 2019-2020

4500 Hubbs Hall is reserved on Tuesdays from 4:00 – 5:50 for IFER meetings.
Time and location is subject to change.  Please contact one of the coordinators to confirm time and location

Coordinators for 2019-2020
Adam Soliman (Economics)
Luke Stroth (Anthropology)
Kendall Chancellor (SIO)
Natalia Erazo (SIO)

Faculty leaders for 2019-2020
Fall – 2019  – Geoff Braswell (Anthropology)
Winter -2020 – Joel Watson (Economics)
Spring 2020 – Jon Shurin (Biology)

Coordinator in Training for 2020-2021
Jordan Dinardo (SIO)
Julia Chavarry (SIO)
Danielle McHaskell (SIO)

IFER Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/367015083436543/