Deep sea expedition

ROC HITS Costa Rica Margin has been exploring geochemically active sites where high concentration of methane bubbles emerge from beneath the seafloor into oxygen-poor, pitch black waters. CMBC Directors Lisa Levin and Greg Rouse, and Ph.D. student Jennifer Le are among the researchers on this expedition.

An octopus reaches out to touch the robotic arm of Human Occupied Vehicle (HOV) Alvin  earlier this week. The ROC HITS Costa Rica Margin Expedition funded by the National Science Foundation and led by Chief Scientist Erik Cordes from Temple University. Researchers are aboard the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s RV/Atlantis .

100 Island Challenge

The goal of the 100 Island Challenge is to gain a holistic understanding of the current state and future trajectory of the world’s coral reefs by conducting a global assessment of coral reefs and the factors promoting or inhibiting their growth. This project is designed to provide a regional scale perspective of coral reefs, investigating spatially explicit patterns in community organization through time.

A new exhibit opens at the Birch Aquarium on May 3.
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Link to the Coral Reef Ecology lab of Dr. Jennifer Smith:

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