Deep sea expedition

ROC HITS Costa Rica Margin has been exploring geochemically active sites where high concentration of methane bubbles emerge from beneath the seafloor into oxygen-poor, pitch black waters. CMBC Directors Lisa Levin and Greg Rouse, and Ph.D. student Jennifer Le are among the researchers on this expedition.

An octopus reaches out to touch the robotic arm of Human Occupied Vehicle (HOV) Alvin  earlier this week. The ROC HITS Costa Rica Margin Expedition funded by the National Science Foundation and led by Chief Scientist Erik Cordes from Temple University. Researchers are aboard the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s RV/Atlantis .

CMBC Researchers take part in international event

Scientists from the Jennifer Smith and Stuart Sandin labs, both part of the Scripps Marine Biology Research Division, were out in the field on the day of the march. They were collecting data from coral reefs in Maui’s Kahekili Herbivore Fisheries Management Area— a conservation zone with special protections for herbivores like parrotfish and urchins—and from reefs on adjacent islands. But the researchers didn’t let their fieldwork stop them from participating: they, along with fisheries managers and community groups, decided to host a “Swim for Science” in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution’s Earth Optimism Summit.

Researchers take part in the EarthOptimism and March for Science underwater off Maui, April 22

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