Papua New Guinea, Madang Province 2012

Participants: Greg Rouse and Mindi Summers

During 21 days of field trip, Greg and Mindi were focusing on collecting crinoids and their symbionts.  In total, they collected 224 crinoids, representing approximately 60 species.

On these crinoids we found 3 species of amphipods, 6 species of eulimids (some with egg masses—very neat), 1 species of flatworm, 2 species of fish, 2 species of isopods, 16 species of decapods (including galatheids, brachyura, alpheids, and pontoniids), 30 species of myzostomes, 9 species of brittlestars, and approximately 2-3 species of scaleworms.


Greg, Mindi and their diving team.



Selected images of crinoids and an ophiurid (Photos by Greg Rouse).