Honduras 2012 & 2013: Tropical western Atlantic deep-water crinoid fauna. Submersible dives near Roatan, Honduras

Participants: T. K. Baumiller and C. G. Messing

During July 2013, EchinAToL researchers Charles Messing (Nova Southeastern Univ.) and Tom Baumiller (Univ. Michigan) flew to Isla Roatan, Honduras, to continue research on deep-water crinoids using Karl Stanley’s mini-submersible. They were accompanied by a video crew from WPBT Channel 2 Public Television in Miami, who shot an episode of the ongoing series “Changing Seas” called “Living Fossils” that focused on their research.

The episode will premiere on 18 June. A preview of the program is at http://video.wpbt2.org/video/2365255099/.