North American Echinoderm Conference

North American Echinoderm Conference
Date: June 1-6, 2014
Place: University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida


1) Syverson V.J, Messing C.G, Baumiller T.K. First insights into growth and population dynamics in the extant cyrtocrinid Holopus rangii (Crinoidea).

Submersible operations off the western margin of Roatán Island, Honduras, have revealed extensive populations of Holopus rangii on vertical and overhanging walls at depths between 300 and 450 m. Observations made a year apart (2012 and 2013) have permitted the first estimates of population structure, growth, and regeneration. Measurements of individuals seen in both years give a maximum (99th percentile) growth rate of 0.17 cm y-1. The minimum predicted age is 22 y for the largest specimens and 11 y for the median specimen. Arm regeneration rate is estimated at ~1 cm y-1 (0.03 mm d-1). No definite instances of recruitment or mortality were observed between 2012 and 2013; however, injured and regenerating individuals were present, allowing an estimate of predation frequency. Aggregations of evenly-sized individuals were prevalent, and more densely populated areas supported smaller individuals, consistent with periodic local recruitment followed by thinning or stunting. Abundant dead calyces in varying stages of degradation may permit reconstruction of population structure over time.

2) Daniel Janies, Robert Reid, Gregorio Linchangco, Jeremy Jay, David L.Swofford, Gregory A.Wray, David W.Foltz, Greg W. Rouse, Rebecca Hunter, Alexander M.Kerr. A report by the molecular and informatics working groups of the Echinoderm Tree of Life project.

3) Gregorio Linchangco, Robert Reid, David L.Swofford, Gregory A. Wray, David W. Foltz, Daniel Janies. Echinoderm phylogeny reconstruction using a novel transcriptome based workflow.

4) Bradley Deline, William I. Ausich. The effect of taphonomy on the quantification of morphology within echinoderms.

5) Charles G. Messing, Mindi Summers, Kristian Taylor, Greg W. Rouse. Reconciling molecular phylogeny with morphological taxonomy in living Crinoidea (Echinodermata).

6) Greg W. Rouse, Charles G. Messing. Further insights into extant crinoid phylogeny from DNA sequencing.

7) Kristian Taylor, Charles G. Messing, Greg W. Rouse. A preliminary analysis of the phylogeny of Superfamily Mariametroidea (Echinodermata: Crinoidea): Revising the genera Himerometra, Lamprometra and Liparometra.

8) Johnny A. Waters, Imran A. Rahman, Colin D. Sumrall, Lyndsie White, Bonnie Nguyen. Internal anatomy of the Blastoidea (Echinodermata) revealed by a cetatepeels and synchrotron imaging.

9) Allison K. Miller, Alexander M. Kerr, Greg W. Rouse. Higher level systematics of the walking, swimming, and burrowing holothuroidea (Echinodermata): A six-gene molecular phylogenetic approach.