NOAA Grant Management Requirements

Competed proposal submissions must follow the RFP guidelines, while non-competed submissions must follow the guidelines listed below:

Abstract: A one-to-two paragraph statement outlining the research is required on all CIMEC submissions.

Statement of Work: Support in detail all work to be accomplished during the period of performance indicated. For continuation applications, identify any changes to the original scope of work. The statement of work should identify objectives, jobs, tasks, milestones, degree of Federal involvement, contributions/donations, equipment purchases (or leasing), subcontracting, and a detailed description of all travel.

Budget: List by category of expenditure, the total cost to accomplish objectives contained in the statement of work of the project. NOAA expects that applicants will ensure that no Federal or non-Federal grant funds will be expended for in-kind goods or services, for purposes of providing transportation, travel, and other expenses for any Federal employee. If an award is made based on this application, this provision will be incorporated into the award document, which is cited in our current Cooperative Agreement. For agreements involving matching and cost sharing, the applicant must provide the same level of detail as outlined below for the NOAA share:


  • Is each individual identified by name and position?
  • Are time commitments such as hours and percent of time stated for each position?
  • Are the total charges for each person listed along with an explanation of how the costs were calculated?
  • Do the combined charges for any individual exceed 100% of their time?
  • Do the time commitments and charges appear reasonable?
  • For support of executive personnel, are costs charged to salaries excluded from the indirect cost category?
  • Are all individuals employees of the applicant organization? If not, explain.
  • Is cost of living increases built into the budget?
  • Are salary increases justified for the grant period?

Fringe Benefits

NOAA requires a copy of the recharge sheet for all SIO submissions. If the Fringe Benefit rate is greater than 35% of the salary, a justification is required.

  • Travel
    • For foreign, domestic and local travel, is each trip listed along with the destination, estimated mileage, method of travel, cost per mile and duration, cost of airfare, number of travelers, per diem rate for meals and lodging?
    • If actual trip details are unknown, what is the basis for the proposed travel charges?
    • Is the requested travel directly relevant to the successful completion of the project?
    • Are the travel charges reasonable?
    • If the travel costs are $5,000 or greater, NOAA requires backup documentation of the costs, to be submitted with the proposal
  • Supplies – a justification must accompany any supply cost totaling more the $5,000 or 5% of the total project costs, whichever is greater
    • Are supplies itemized by type of material or nature of expense?
    • General office supplies are not allowable under this agreement.
    • For other specific supply categories, is the number of units, cost per unit and total cost specified?
    • Are the charges necessary for the successful completion of the project?
    • Are the charges reasonable?
  • Equipment- a description of the item and associated costs is required.
    • Is each item of equipment listed?
    • Is there a description of how it will be used in the project?
    • Has a lease vs. purchase analysis been completed?
    • For each item of equipment, is the number of units, cost per unit and total cost specified?
    • Is each item of equipment necessary for the successful completion of the project?
    • Are the charges for each item reasonable?
    • NOAA requires backup of all costs to accompany proposal submission
  • Contractual
    • Is each contract or sub-award listed as a separate item? (Separate budgets are required for sub-awards or subcontracts regardless of the dollar value)
    • Are the products/services to be acquired described along with the applicability of each to the project?
    • Do the costs appear to be reasonable?
    • Are any sole source contracts contemplated?
    • If yes, is a sole source justification included with the application, which describes why the proposed sole sourced entity, is the only source capable of meeting the applicant’s project needs?
    • Are there contracts with non-US organizations?
    • Do you have a CD-512 on file for each of your sub-awards and contracts?
  • Other
    • Are items listed by type of material or nature of expense?
    • For each charge, is the number of units, cost per unit and total cost specified?
    • Are the charges necessary for the successful completion of the project?
    • Are the charges reasonable?
    • Are charges that duplicate indirect cost items excluded?
  • Indirect Costs
    • Are indirect costs requested?
    • Is a copy of the current approved rate from the cognizant agency included? Is the correct rate being used?
    • Is the rate applied to the correct base?
    • Are charges that duplicate direct costs excluded?
  • Matching
    • Is a match (non-federal share) required for this project?
    • If yes, does the application meet the matching requirements?
    • Are the sources of match clearly identified?
    • Does the applicant provide adequate documentation to support in-kind contributions?
    • Are all matching contributions necessary for accomplishing the project?
    • Are all matching contributions in compliance with federal cost principals?

NOAA has prepared a checklist to ensure proper budget justification guidelines.