Archived Announcements

Archived Announcements from SIO-BIC


August 2015
NSF Collections in Support of Biological Research (CSBR) award to the Benthic Invertebrate Collection

The project is proposed to continue to build the SIO-BIC as a hub for eastern Pacific reference collections from reducing deep-sea ecosystems (hydrothermal vents, methane seeps and whale falls). We propose to incorporate two large biological reference collections made from through decades of work and multiple field programs. This material provides a major resource for study of future change, systematics, and ecological assemblages in reducing environments. The collections extend back in time providing important baseline data for biodiversity of the regions sampled. 

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May 29, 2013
More Antarctic invertebrates join the collection

The 2013 Scotia Arc expedition was conducted in February 2013, and various Antarctic invertebrates are now delivered to the collection. This expedition took a journey along the northern part of the Scotia Arc, the series of islands and ridges that track where Antarctica and South America used to join. The research aims to understand whether animals also use these places as a series of ‘stepping stones’ to travel between these continents. This is the second expedition to the area. Researchers plan to work on collected invertebrate animals and use the power of DNA to estimate how far these animals travel. This will help us determine if their movement patterns change in the future, when Antarctica might be warmer and different.