Collection Databases & Zooplankton Guide

Pelagic Invertebrates Collection Searchable Databases

The PIC Sample Searchable Database includes the collection data for all holdings of whole zooplankton samples.  Users can search with a variety of queriable terms (e.g. cruise, latitude, longitude, tow type, mesh size, depth, etc.).  Information about the PIC Database Format can be found here.

The Cooperative Zooplankton Dataspace is a collection of databases in the Mark Ohman lab that includes the Zooplankton Database (ZooDB) and Brinton Townsend Euphausiid Database (BTEDB), which are separate searchable data modules to extensive zooplankton and euphausiid data from the California current system from 1951 to present, The Marinovic Euphausiid Database (MEDB) is a data module to euphausiid data from the central sector of the California Current System from 2001-2007, Brinton Euphausiid Plot Gallery presents geographical distributions of selected species as a companion to Brinton and Townsend (2003), and the Comprehensive Euphausiid Query Interface (CEQul) provides a comprehensive interface to search across both BTEDB and MEDB .  

Zooplankton of San Diego Region Guide

The Zooplankton of San Diego Region website is a guide to assist the public, students, and others that may be curious about the free-swimming or drift zooplankton in local marine waters off the coast of San Diego.  This guide is not meant to be a taxonomic key, but rather a pictorial guide to common species and information that includes:  the scientific and common names, some natural history information, line drawings, digital photographs and some videos. (**This website is currently under construction.)