SIO C&G Proposal Deadlines Contact C&G Analyst responsible for proposal.
Authority to Sign.  Not sure whether you can sign an agreement on your own?  Contact Andrea Lupu.
Forms Can't find your form?  Contact Ann Dunbar.
Foundation/Interest Group Funding Is it a gift or a grant? What is the IDC? Contact Elizabeth Meier.
Heads up!  Examples of when advance notice to C and G for an upcoming proposal is needed.  Contact Elizabeth Meier.
IDC Waivers When is an Indirect Cost Exception/Waiver needed?  What is the Policy/Process for requesting it?  Contact Judy Cheng.
NIH NOT-OD-16-017/ Significant Changes/ FY 2016 NIH Grants Policy Statement.  Contact Elizabeth Meier.
NSF 18-1 Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide effective January 29, 2018.  Contact Ann Dunbar.
OP Sponsor Codes Contact Ann Dunbar.
Proposal Development ePD, Budgets/SIO Tuition Remission, Subawards, and more.
Salary Recharge/Labor Clearing Funds Policy Need to explain SIO's salary recharge rates?
Sales and Services Agreements. Is it Service or Research?  Coordinate in advance with Andrea Lupu.
SIO Sci Codes June 2017 Contact William Park III. 
Use of vessels or boats  Guidance on the use of vessels or boats in research projects.  Contact Elizabeth Meier.
Vital Information Find DUNs, TIN/EID, Audit Information (DCAA Contact), Indirect Cost Rate Agreement, etc.

Export Control Compliance Guidance