Sales and Service Agreements

Within the limitations of University Regulation 4, SIO is able to engage in non-research service work for outside entities.  In order to make sure this work is completed according to UC policy, there are some guidelines for you to follow.  

Departments should feel free to send out quotations for services with two limitations: first, if a quote is being sent in response to an RFP or in a competitive environment, C&G needs to be involved before the quote goes out; second, all quotes should include our standard quote disclaimer affirming that our standard terms and conditions are the only terms and conditions that apply to our work.  Our standard service agreement should be sent as an attachment along with every quote, as well as any time you respond to an informal inquiry/expression of interest in service work.

Should a company decline to accept our standard service agreement and/or send you a PO that contains, or references, its own terms and conditions, work may not begin until C&G negotiates the terms and gives approval to proceed.

Please also take care to contact UCSD export control in advance where controlled items, materials, or information may be involved.

Please do not hesitate to contact Andrea Lupu in SIO C&G ( with any questions or concerns.


Sales and Service Agreement Flowchart

Blank PO Checklist

Standard Service Agreement - Domestic

Standard Service Agreement - International

Service Agreement Quote Language

SIO Differential Income Policy

Regulation 4