Climate Science and Policy Capstone Project

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SIOC 299
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The Capstone Project offers students the opportunity to design an interdisciplinary climate science and policy project with defined deliverables for a target audience.

The Capstone Project should:

  • Be creative, collaborative and interdisciplinary
  • Apply knowledge that you have gained in the program
  • Have a theoretical grounding in climate science and real-world application
  • Prepare you for a future opportunity

The Capstone Project should embody original, independent and scholarly activity related to one or more of the topics covered by the formal curriculum in the MAS CSP program. There is tremendous flexibility in the content of your Capstone. It can be a policy memo/brief, an applied research project, the production of a documentary, planning and execution of an exhibit or workshop, a business plan, an app, a white paper, a community-based marketing plan or any other relevant piece of work. The only requirement is that the project is interdisciplinary, on topic (i.e., related to climate science  12 and policy), and theoretically grounded in climate science for a non-academic audience. The work is more than a term paper and is different from a traditional master’s thesis.

The Capstone Project may focus on previous or planned work experience, and can include research done prior to admission to the MAS CSP program as the starting point for the Capstone Project but significant additional work during the MAS program must be demonstrated.

Students are highly encouraged to undertake a project that relates to what they hope to do after they graduate. Performing the Capstone research in collaboration with an outside organization of interest is one way to explore potential career opportunities while still in the program. The Program and Executive Directors can assist you in making contacts at outside organizations and may also have ideas on Capstone projects that these organizations would like to see completed. However, both the choice and responsibility of your project, partners, and internships are your own.

Current students can acquaint themselves with the list of previous Capstone Projects in order to see the kinds of projects generally undertaken. These can be found by requesting a copy from the Executive Director.

The Capstone Project is graded by your committee members and you will receive a letter grade. The rough breakdown of the grade is as follows (points out of 100):

10 Timeliness (submit early draft by June 2; final by June 15)
10 Quality of writing
10 Quality of project design
25 Interdisciplinary merits – alignment with climate science & policy
25 Applications
10 Student dedication and effort
5 Innovation and creativity
5 Discretionary

Important Notes: Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated. If you plagiarize any part of your report, you will likely get a failing grade for your Capstone project. Please familiarize yourself with UCSD policy on plagiarism

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