Doctoral Committee

After the student passes the Departmental Examination and completes an appropriate period of additional study, the Department will recommend appointment of a Doctoral Committee. The Doctoral Committee will determine the student's qualifications for independent research by conducting a Qualifying Examination no later than the end of the student’s third year of study. The Doctoral Committee also supervises the preparation of the dissertation, and administers the Final Examination.

Doctoral Committees in the Scripps Department consist of a minimum of five (5) members who hold instructional titles and at least four (4) of the five (5) members must hold professorial titles of any rank. Committee members are chosen from at least two departments, and at least two members must represent academic specialties that differ from the student’s specialty. All committees must include one tenured or emeritus UCSD faculty member from outside’s the students major department.

Generally four members of the committee are from the Scripps Department, although it is not unusual for one of the four to be from another UC Campus or another Department at UCSD. The fifth member must be a tenured or emeritus professor (Professor or Associate Professor) from another department at UCSD.

Once the committee membership is decided, send the names (and titles) to one of the Scripps graduate coordinators. This must be done at least four weeks before the scheduled qualifying exam date. The graduate coordinator will ensure that the membership meets all Department and UCSD requirements. The graduate coordinator will also prepare the necessary forms, obtain signatures and route the form to the Office of Graduate Studies for final approval.

If a graduate student is employed by a company outside of UC San Diego in which a faculty member has a fiduciary interest (e.g. owns, consults for), then that faculty member may not be the thesis/dissertation advisor of the graduate student. The faculty member may be on the Doctoral Committee. Further, if the faculty member is on the Doctoral Committee then he/she must inform the University, through the appropriate offices, of the situation and any possible conflict of interest. Upon review, the Dean of Graduate Studies may grant exceptions. Questions regarding this policy may be referred to the Director of Graduate Academic Affairs and Admissions, Office of Graduate Studies.