Annual Evaluations

The Graduate Council policy requires that doctoral students be evaluated every spring; this annual evaluation is also known as the “Spring Evaluation.” A satisfactory evaluation is necessary for financial support to be continued every year. For those who are pre-candidacy, this review requires the advisor and student’s signature. Once the student advances to candidacy, this evaluation will require three members of the student’s doctoral committee and the student’s signature. Spring Evaluations are a substantive progress review. At least three members of the doctoral committee are to participate in the review. The doctoral committee chair will write up the results and discuss them with the student. All doctoral students are required to have an annual Spring Evaluation; the only exemptions are for:

  1. A student advancing to candidacy during the current Winter or Spring quarter of the current academic year.
  2. A student on an approved leave of absence during Spring quarter of the current academic year. In this instance an evaluation must be submitted by the end of the first quarter if return.

Students must sign the review, indicating that they have read it. The student's signature does not necessarily indicate agreement. The student will also be given space to comment on the review. Finally, the Department Chair reviews and signs all annual evaluations prior to their routing to the Office of Graduate Studies. Copies are placed in the student’s file and given to the appropriate curriculum coordinator.

Prior to advancement to candidacy, a course checklist will be reviewed with the student each year in conjunction with the Spring Evaluation. The checklist will also be reviewed at the Departmental Examination and the Qualifying Examination.

The purpose of the checklist is to ensure that the student has fulfilled the curricular group requirements, and also provides a means for the advisor to recommend or require additional coursework. This course checklist is to be signed by the advisor and the student and returned every year until the student has advanced to candidacy.