ESYS Senior Projects 2015-2016

Organization Topic Site Supervisor Faculty Mentor
Calrsbad Fish and Wildlife Office (US Fish and Wildlife Service Tracking compliance under the Endagered Species Act David Zoutendyk Keefe Reuther
Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Sandin Lab Population Studies of Corals of Palmyra Atoll Clinton Edwards Stuart Sandin
NOAA Marine Mammal and Turtle Division Marine Turtle Genetics Program Dr. Kelly Stewart Carolyn Kurle
SoCal Urban Farms Aeroponic vertical urban farming Joe Wesley Geoff Cook
Equinox Center Equinox Center Research Fellowshop Stephen Heverly Leslie Lewis
Ocean Discovery Institute Evaluation of pilot after-school science enrichment program Rochelle Mothokakobo Matthew Vitz
Scripps Coastal Reserve Spider distribution at Scripps coastal reserve Heather Henter Heather Henter
City of San Diego, Solid Waste Local Enforcement Agency Management Internship Program William Prinz Lisa Tauxe
Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Taylor Lab Effects of ocean acidification on decapod crusaceans Kaitlyn Lowder Jennifer Taylor
City of San Diego, Public Utilities Department Watershed resource and protection team internship Goldamer Herbon Eric Allen
Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Bartlett Lab Characterization of Novel Piezophiles Logan Peoples Doug Bartlett
Scripps Institution of Oceangraphy - Parnell Lab Observing and reporting trends of different special of 40 year kelp program Ed Parnell Ed Parnell
Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Burton Lab Analysis of copepod development under heat stress Ron Burton Ron Burton
Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Norris Lab Middle Eocene paleoclimte reconstruction for the NW Atlantic Ocean Richard Norris Richard Norris
City of San Diego - Environmental Services Dept Concentration of large birds in Miramar landfill Burton Ewert Meg Eckles
UCSD Environmental, Health, and Safety Understanding the UN framework convention on climate change COP21 Valerie Fanning Jane Teranes
San Diego River Park Foundation Engagement and Outreach Intern DeVerna Rogers Cathy Moran
City of San Diego, Park and Recreation, Open Space Division GIS Biological Monitering Intern Kim Roeland Eric Allen
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Division - Integrated Oceanography Division Determining correlations between record Temp/salinity events in 1930-2015 Melissa Carter Ron Flick / Jane Teranes
Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Hildebrand Lab Bryden Whale Diving Dynamics John Hildebrand John Hildebrand
UCSD Division of Biological Sciences - Nieh Lab Effects of inhibitor signal on honeybee foragers James Nieh James Nieh
UCSD Division of Biological Sciences - Shurin Lab Ecology of algae diversity, disease, and grazing for biofuels Jonathan Shurin Jonathan Shurin
Kasai Consulting Kasai Environment, Health and Safety Internship David Burcin Mirle Bussell
UCSD Student Sustainability Collective Fossil Fuel Divestment project Hayley Weddle Leslie Lewis
UCSD Division of Biological Sciences - Kurle Lab Phenology and body size of two congeneric spider species from arctic Canada Joseph Bowden Carolyn Kurle
UCSD Student Sustainability Collective Environmental Justice Peer Education - Plastic water bottles at UCSD Hayley Weddle Zoltan Hajnal
Equinox Center Equinox Center Research Fellowshop Stephen Heverly Leslie Lewis
UCSD Division of Biological Sciences - Shurin Lab  Algal diversity and grazing in bio-energy Steven Villareal Jonathan Shurin
UCSD Housing, Dining, and Hospitality Waste management at Thornton Hospital Krista Mays Mark Jacobsen
Cabrillo National Monument Effects of El Nino on Biodiversity of Tidepool Communities Tavio Del Rio Eric Allen
Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Ohman Lab Vertical distribution effects of strobe lights on pelagic red crabs Catherine Nickels Mark Ohman
San Diegito Water District Impacts of water conservation measures in San Diegito Water District Jeff Umbrasas Eric Allen
California Sea Grant Understanding marine debris problem around San Diego Bay Terra Miller-Cassman Theresa Talley
Cabrillo National Monument Terrestrial floral Winter and Spring ecology of Cabrillo National Monument Tavio Del Rio David Holway
UCSD Environmental, Health, and Safety Diesel idling policy on campus Valerie Fanning Jonathan Shurin
Tropical Forest Group Understanding the UN framework convention on climate change COP21 John Niles Jane Teranes
City of San Diego, Stormwater Division Storm Water Regulatory Requirements Jamie Kennedy Kathy Garcia
Mundo Gardens Program Coordination and Community Outreach/Engagement Janice Reynoso Brad Werner
UCSD Environmental, Health, and Safety Feasibility of using seawater for toilet flushing Valerie Fanning Eric Allen
City of Encinitas City of Encinitas Clean Water Program Mayela Manasjan Lihini Aluwihare
Gulf of California Marine Program Social Media Outreach Internship Octavio Aburto-Oropeza Octavio Aburto-Oropeza