ESYS Senior Projects 2018-2019


Organization Topic Site Supervisor Faculty Mentor
Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Aerosol Research Group Aerosol Research Group Lynn M. Russell Lynn M. Russell
Clear Blue Sea Analysis of Global, International, and Domestic Policies Focused on the Prevention and Remediation of Ocean Plastic Pollution Susan Baer Keefe Reuther
UC San Diego Analyzing Savings from Installing Green Technology (Aerators) Valerie Fanning Matthew Herbst
City of San Diego - Parks and Recreation Analyzing the Impact of Invasive Species in San Diego's Open Spaces Magen Shaw Richard Norris
Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Deheyn Lab Assessment of Sunscreen Toxicity on Marine Organisms Dimitri Deheyn Dimitri Deheyn
Tree San Diego Benefits of Tree Stewards in Urban Environments Rachele Melious Geoffrey Cook
US Fish and Wildlife Service Carlsbad Compliance Internship Jonathan Snyder Geoffrey Cook
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Characterizing Community Structure Infaunal Invertebrates at Methane Seeps Off the Coast of Southern California Lisa Levin Lisa Levin
Living Coast Discovery Center Conservation and Community Dynamics in Chula Vista, CA Tina Matthias Jane Teranes
US Fish and Wildlife Service Delineating Habitat Usage Patterns of the Western Pond Turtle Clark Winchell Carolyn Kurle
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Developing Non-destructive Indicators for Plant Biomass Across Urban Landscapes in Service of Greenhouse Gas Research Jennifer Le Lisa Levin
Prather Group Effects of Sea Spray Aerosols on Pulmonary Surfactant and Surface Tension Matthew Pendergraft Kimberly Prather
City of San Diego Energy Analysis Aaron (Yichen) Lu Elsa Cleland
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Environmental Activism in California Through a Social Lens Veerabhadran Ramanathan Veerabhadran Ramanathan
YMCA Character Builders Program Environmental Awareness in Childhood Education Vanessa Garcia Vicki Grassian
Clear Blue Sea Environmental Education Design Susan Baer Jeff Gagnon
Ocean Discovery Institute Environmental Education of Elementary and Middle School Students Rochelle Mothokakobo Caren Holtzman
Kasai Consulting Environmental Health & Safety David Burcin Eric Allen
I Love A Clean San Diego Environmental Presentation for Scout Troops Katie Shea Theresa Talley
UC San Diego Sustainability Department  Feasibility of On-Campus Anaerobic Digestion David Weil Keith Pezzoli
County of San Diego - Department of Public Works Food Waste Habits & Attitudes Among Young Adult (College Aged) Individuals Stephanie Ewalt Jonathan Shurin
UC San Diego Sustainability Resource Center Green Office Certification Program Jennifer Bowser Juli Beth Hinds
Hargis + Associates, Inc Groundwater Remediation Systems Andrew Donnelly Yuri Fialko
UC San Diego Sustainability Resource Center Green Office Recertification Project Jennifer Bowser Geoffrey Cook
Tree San Diego How Educating Our Youth Can Provide a Promised Protection from Environmental Changes Laurie Broedling Eric Allen
NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center: Cetacean Health and Life History Program Life History of the Western Pacific Gray Whale Population Dave Weller Lisa Ballance
Prather Research Group Metal Emissions in Los Angeles, CA Louise Kristensen Kimberly Prather
UC San Diego Environmental Health and Safety Metal Waste Analysis, Disposal, and Improvement Tod Ferguson Jan Kleissl
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Microbial Cultivation Methods at High-Pressure Alvaro Munoz Plominsky Douglas Bartlett
San Diego Habitat Conservancy Monitoring Habitats and Wildlife With the San Diego Habitat Conservancy Sarah Krejca Elsa Cleland
Grassian Group Oxidation of Sulfite to Sulfate in Relation to Various Environmental Factors Ellen M. Coddens Vicki Grassian
UC San Diego Health Sciences - Clinical & Translational Research Institute  Phenology and California Poppies Elsa Cleland Elsa Cleland
City of San Diego - Transportation & Storm Water Policy and Enforcement Management Victoria Kalkirtz Jonathan Shurin
I Love A Clean San Diego Potential of Litter Entering the San Diego Watershed Nik Kennedy Kevin Broan
Student Sustainability Collective Providing Sustainable Menstrual Products to Low-Income People of Color via a Working Study Group Nicolette Solarez Juli Beth Hinds
Sierra Club, San Diego Ranges of Student Exposure to Herbicides in County of San Diego Public School Districts George Courser Tarik Benmarhnia
San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy Restoration Efforts Affecting Wildlife Recovery Jonathan Appelbaum Elsa Cleland
Clear Blue Sea Laws, Regulations, Policies, and Programs Relevant to Clear Blue Sea’s Testing of  FRED Innovation Prototype Susan Baer Keefe Reuther
UC San Diego - Environmental Health and Safety Stormwater Drainage Pollution Prevention in Campus Buildings and Construction Sites Amanda Loeper Neal Driscoll
UC San Diego - Environmental Health and Safety Stormwater Pollution Prevention Education and Outreach Materials Amanda Loeper Jane Teranes
California Sea Grant Extension Program Strengthening Local Seafood Systems Theresa Talley Theresa Talley
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Synechococcus Diversity at the SIO Pier Maitreyi Nagarkar Brian Palenik
US Fish and Wildlife Service The San Bernardino Flying Squirrel: Where and Why? Clark Winchell David Holway
San Diego River Park Foundation Evaluating Public Awareness Over the Dissolved Oxygen Project in Mission Valley Marina Varano Keefe Reuther
Tree San Diego Trejuvenation: A Tree SD Initiative Cody Harrison Eric Allen
UC San Diego - Environmental Health and Safety UCSD Pollution Emission Inventory and Its Trends Valarie Fanning Mark Jacobsen
UC San Diego - Environmental Health and Safety UCSD Students' Attitudes and Effectiveness in Water Conservation on Campus Kimberly O'Connell Jan Kleissl
City of San Diego - Transportation & Storm Water Urban Planning and Storm Water Joseph Cosgrove Juli Beth Hinds
Clear Blue Sea Utilizing Marine Plastic for Sustainable Transportation Solutions Susan Baer Christopher Charles