ESYS Senior Projects 2019-2020


Organization Topic Site Supervisor Faculty Mentor
Incentive Solar Access to Renewable Energy and the Process of PV Adoption Greg Bodde Mark Jacobsen
UCSD Holway Lab Apis Mellifera Versus Pepo Pruinosa Pollinator Effectiveness on Buffalo Gourd and Acorn Squash Plants David Holway David Holway
Mayfield Labs Biodegration of Algae-based Polyurethane Plastics Natasha Gunawan Stephen Mayfield
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Bleaching Response of Pocillopora Corals at Palmyra Atoll Clinton Edwards Stuart Sandin
California Sea Grant Bridging the Gap: Exploring the Cultural Barriers Between Fishing and Consumer Communities Theresa Talley Theresa Talley
UCSD Division of Biological Sciences California Poppy Research Assistant Elsa Cleland Elsa Cleland
UCSD Environmental Health and Safety Campus Stormwater Treatment System Management Kimberly O'Connell Mark Thiemens
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Changes in Deep Ocean Circulation Across Mid-Pleistocene Transition; Influence of Interocean Exchange Christopher Charles Christopher Charles
Scripps Institution of Oceanography CO2 Reference Material Lauren Briggs Andrew Dickson
Kodiak Moon Energy Services Commercial Renewable Energy Development Jeff Pohlman Jane Teranes
US Fish and Wildlife Service Conservation Bank Compliance Tracking Christine Medak Jennifer Taylor
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Coral Reef Ecology Clinton Edwards Stuart Sandin
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Coral Research Angus Thies Martin Tresguerres
Tree San Diego Cost and Benefits of Urban Trees in San Diego Kurt Peacock Eric Allen
UCSD Center on Global Justice Cross Border Native Plant Restoration Kyle Haines Fonna Forman
US Fish and Wildlife Service Delineating the Habitat Range of Western Pond Turtles Clark Winchell Carolyn Kurle
UCSD Design Lab Design for San Diego (D4SD) Eric Hekler Eric Hekler
San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy Determining the Impact of Invasive Marsh Species on Sediment in the San Dieguito Wetland Area Trish Boaz Richard Norris
The Society of Marine Mammalogy ad hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusion Diversifying Marine Mammalogy Eric Archer Carolyn Kurle
UCSD Division of Biological Sciences Diversity and Productivity of Semi-Arid Grassland; the Roles of Nutrients and Herbivores Elsa Cleland Elsa Cleland
UCSD Global Food Initiative Edible Plant Sampling and Analysis Program: Address Community Concerns About Food Health and Sustainability Keith Pezzoli Keith Pezzoli
The Garden Educating the Future Generations to Conserve Our Planet Lauren Magnuson Jennifer Taylor
San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy Effects of Habitat Restoration on Biodiversity Jonathan Applebaum Eric Allen
UCSD Natural Reserve System Encouraging People to Care About Preserving Natural Ecosystems Heather Henter Heather Henter
UC Natural Reserve System Engaging the Public with the Scripps Coastal Reserve Heather Henter Heather Henter
Blue Latitudes Environmental and Socioeconomic Impact Assessment of Decommissioning Oil Rigs in South East Asia in the Next 20 Years Emily Hazelwood Mark Jacobsen
UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering Environmental Applications of Robotics Jack Silberman Jack Silberman
San Diego Sierra Club Evaluation of the Responses of Herbicide and/or Pesticide Used San Diego School Districts George Courser Jane Teranes
UCSD Division of Biological Sciences Expression of Algal Synthetic Promoters Under Different Light Conditions Ashley Sproles Stephen Mayfield
UC Global Food Initiative Global Food Initiative Keith Pezzoli Keith Pezzoli
UCSD Sustainability Resource Center Green Babies: How Do You Craft a Green Space When Catering to Children? Jennifer Bowser Eric Allen
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring Melissa Carter Jane Teranes
Scripps Institution of Oceanography How Differing Microplastic Contamination Levels Impact Normal Physiological Function and Bioluminescence of Marine Organisms Over Time Dimitri Deheyn Dimitri Deheyn
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Human Impact on Coral Abundance in the Caribbean and Remote Central Pacific Clinton Edwards Stuart Sandin
San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy Impact of Environmental Education Programs on Perception of Wildlife Ana Lutz-Johnson Eric Allen
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Impact of Toxic Metals Cause by Pollution on Marine Life Dimitri Deheyn Dimitri Deheyn
Student Sustainability Collective Importance of Diversity in Environmentalism: The John Muir Problem Nicolette Solarez K. Wayne Yang
UCSD Sustainability Resource Center Inspiring Sustainability in the Lab Environment Jennifer Bowser Jane Teranes
UCSD Environmental Health and Safety Integrative Project Sam Peterson Jennifer Taylor
San Diego Habitat Conservancy Invasive Species Removal Kathleen Pollett Jennifer Taylor
San Diego Habitat Conservancy Invasive Species: Soil Toxicity or Seed Viability Kathleen Pollett Joshua Kohn
BioQual Solutions, Inc. Lab Pollutant Data Gathering Jerry Cao Eric Allen
Clear Blue Sea Laws, Regulations, Policies, and Programs Relevant to Clear Blue Sea's Testing of FRED Innovation Prototype Susan Baer Keefe Reuther
WILDCOAST Marine Protected Areas in San Diego Angela Kernsley Jennifer Taylor
Weston Solutions Monitoring Stormwater in San Diego Michelle Mattson Eric Allen
UCSD Environmental Health and Safety Phase II Storm Water Permit Compliance Evaluation Amanda Loeper Mirle Bussell
UCSD Environmental Health and Safety Phase II Storm Water Permit Compliance Evaluations Amanda Loeper Kevin Brown
City of San Diego Transportation & Storm Water Pollution Prevention in the City of San Diego Heather Krish Elsa Cleland
I Love A Clean San Diego Recycling in the San Diego Region Natalia King JuliBeth Hinds
San Diego Association of Government (SANDAG) Resiliency in Transportation Planning: Planning for Climate Change Phil Trom Keith Pezzoli
WILDCOAST Restoration of the Batiquitos Lagoon State Marine Conservation Area Cory Pukini Eric Allen
Roger's Community Garden Roger's Community Garden Bio-digester Zack Osborn Jonathan Shurin
UCSD Natural Reserve System Scripps Coastal Reserve Internship Heather Henter Heather Henter
City of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department Shoreline Parks Division Shoreline Park Ranger Intern Richard Belesky Jennifer Taylor
City of San Diego Transportation & Storm Water Storm Water Policy and Enforcement Vicki Kalkirtz Eric Allen
UCSD Sustainability Sustainable Building Guidelines for UC San Diego Michelle Perez JuliBeth Hinds
Preserve Calavera Sustainable Climate Environmental Outreach Intern Sami Collins Jonathan Shurin
The Water Conservation Garden The Effectiveness of Education Programs and How They Affect People and Their Water Districts Jillian Quint Eric Allen
UCSD Division of Biological Sciences The Role of Genetic Variation in the Restoration of California Poppies Elsa Cleland Elsa Cleland
UC Natural Reserve System Torrey Pines Reserve Docent Heather Henter Heather Henter
US Fish and Wildlife Service Tracking Compliance with Section 7 Consultations and Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) under the Federal Endangered Species Act Jonathan Snyder Eric Allen
United Nations Association UNA-USA San Diego Community Outreach and Membership Bettina Hausmann Gordon McCord
California Sea Grant Using Communication to Raise Awareness of California's Coastal Climate Change Theresa Talley Theresa Talley
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Using HPLC to Separate Pigments of Phytoplankton Samples Melissa Carter Eric Allen
UCSD Division of Biological Sciences Variation Among Populations in the Survival and Reproduction of California Poppy Elsa Cleland Elsa Cleland
San Diego County Water Authority Water Conservation and Education in the San Diego Community Mike Lee Geoffrey Cook
International Rescue Committee Youth Farmworks Program Anchi Mei Jane Willenbring
City of San Diego Environmental Services Department Zero Waste / Climate Action Jeanne Patton Jan Kleissl