ESYS Senior Projects 2020-2021


Organization Topic Site Supervisor Faculty Mentor
Climate Change Epidemiology Air Pollution and Human Health Tarik Benmarhnia Tarik Benmarhnia
Hago Energetics An Investigation into NASA Mars Project Technology and its Application to the Carbon Dioxide Removal on Planet Earth Wilson Hago Geoffrey Cook
Corona Enterprises, LLC Analysis of Sustainable Energy and Community Development Cody Harrison Eric Allen
Lions, Tigers, and Bears Anthropogenic Consequences on Exotic Animals Bobbi Brink Carolyn Kurle
Gibbons Conservation Center Monitoring the Nutrition of Gibbon Monkeys Gabi Skollar Carolyn Kurle
UCSD Barbeau Labs Biogenic Silica and POC levels in Ocean Water  Katherine Barbeau Jane Teranes
Dr Amy Non Genetic Anthropology Lab Built Neighborhood Factors & Mental Health Amy Non Amy Non
CALPIRG CALPIRG Students Campaign Internship Veronika Michels Shannon Butler
CALPIRG Campaign Leadership Intern Veronika Michels Keefe Reuther
Reforest the Tropics Climate Change Education for K-8 Students Hugh Birdsall Keefe Reuther
Zovargo Conservation Education Amanda Plante Elsa Cleland
Voiz Corporate Sustainability: Why It Has Failed and What We Should Do Instead Diego Espinosa Galia Debelouchina
Sixth College Residence Life Creating the Sixth College Terrace Community Garden Federica Bucca Carolyn Kurle
UCSD Deheyn Lab Deheyn Lab Intern Dimitri Deheyn Dimitri Deheyn
Corona Enterprises, LLC Developing a Nexus for Regenerative Food, Water, and Energy Management in San Diego County Cody Harrison Theresa Talley
Corona Enterprises, LLC Developing an affordable, Beyond Sustainable (Net Positive) housing community that caters to environmentally and socially conscious living Cody Harrison Mirle Rabinowitz-Bussell
Three Wheels United Digital Marketing Intern Kevin Wervenbos Jennifer Taylor
Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Barton Lab Dinoflagellate Bloom Off the Coast of Del Mar and Using Models to Predict Future Blooms Based off of Environmental Conditions Andrew Barton Andrew Barton
Clear Blue Sea Do It Yourself FREDDY Instructional Package Susan Baer Jane Teranes
The Water Conservation Garden Education Intern Jillian Quint Jane Teranes
Gonias Lab on UCSD campus Effects of Heavy Metal Environmental Toxins on Inflammation Steven Gonias Steven Gonias
UCSD Taylor Lab Effects of Ocean Acidification and Warming on the Stress Physiology and Predator Defenses of Two Species of Shrimp, Pandalus danae and Pandalus gurneyi Jennifer Taylor Jennifer Taylor
Herbicide Free Campus Elimination of Synthetic Herbicide Use on UCSD Campus Bridget Gustafson Juli Beth Hinds
Hey Social Good Empowering and Motivating People to Produce and Purchase Sustainable Products Latha Rao Eric Allen
Rogers Garden Entrepreneurship in Environmental Systems Zack Osburn Keith Pezzoli
Tree Culture Environmental Business Development: Applying, Analyzing, and Promoting Silviculture Moshe Krafchow Jonathan Shurin
Corona Enterprises, LLC Environmental Financials, Stakeholder Engagement, and Project Management Cody Harrison Heather Henter
The Water Conservation Garden Environmental Education Jillian Quint Carolyn Kurle
The Water Conservation Garden (Ms. Smarty Plants) Environmental Educational Programs in Sustainability, Gardening, Wellness and Landscaping Jillian Quint Eric Allen
UCSD Student Sustainability Collective Environmental Outreach and Awareness at UCSD Nicolette Solarez Keefe Reuther
Tree Culture SD Exploring California Wildfire Solutions: Silviculture Krafchow Moshe TBD TBD
UCSD Sustainability Resource Center Green Home Space Jennifer Bowser Jennifer Bowser
Herbicide Free Campus Herbicide Use at UC San Diego Bridget Gustafson Elsa Cleland
Scripps Coastal Reserve How do Different Groups Compare in Their Environmental Connectedness?  Heather Henter Heather Henter
Roger's Urban Farmlab and The Bioregional Center How to Engage the Masses in Sustainability Will Tanaka Keith Pezzoli
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Identification of Aerosol Particulates in a Coastal Setting Lynn Russell Lynn Russell
WILDCOAST Marine Protected Area Watch Internship Angela Kemsley Eric Allen
WILDCOAST Marine Protected Areas Angela Kemsley Jonathan Shurin
Tao Lab in the Rowland Institute at Harvard University MEER: ReflEctions (Ecosystem Modelling) Ye Tao Elsa Cleland
Robert Pomeroy Laboratory at UCSD Metabolic Engineering of Cyanobacteria for Production of Precursors for Degradable Polyurethane Ryan Simkovsky Robert Pomeroy
Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Qualcomm Institute Micronaut Project Intern Leanne Chukoskie Jules Jaffe
WILDCAOST MPA Watch/Human-use Data Collection Angela Kemsley Jennifer Taylor
Roger's Urban Farmlab Mycologist Internship Will Tanaka Keith Pezzoli
Roger's Urban Farmlab Mycology and Organic Waste Stream Management Will Tanaka Jennifer Taylor
Rogers Urban Farmlab Mycology Internship Will Tanaka Kieth Pezzoli
Tree San Diego Non-profit Environmental Group Operations Korrin Davis Jane Teranes
Cleland Lab Poppy Project Elsa Cleland Elsa Cleland
WILDCOAST Process And Ecological Importance Of Restoration Projects Within 3 Opportunity Parcels In The San Dieguito Lagoon Angela Kemsley Matthew Costa
Clear Blue Sea Promoting Transparent Sustainability Guidelines Katy Kennedy Carolyn Kurle
Giddings Lab at Scripps Institute of Oceanography Quantifying Total Freshwater Input into Los Peñasquitos Lagoon Angelica Rodriguez Sarah Giddings
Scripps Coastal Reserve Scripps Coastal Reserve Ecological Preservation Heather Henter Jane Teranes
Scripps Coastal Reserve Scripps Coastal Reserve Internship Heather Henter Jane Teranes
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Scripps Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Keiara Auzenne Jane Teranes
UCSD Taylor Lab Shrimp Ocean Acidification- Exoskeleton Armor Jennifer Taylor Jennifer Taylor
San Diego Habitat Conservancy Soil Erosion Kathleen Pollett Geoffrey Cook
WILDCOAST South Coast Region MPA Guide Cory Pukini Jane Teranes
Scripps Institute of Oceanography EDI Team Supporting underrepresented groups in STEM with the Scripps EDI Team Keiara Auzenne Jane Teranes
Clear Blue Sea Sustainability Team Member Katy Kennedy Fonna Forman
Takachar Takachar Research Intern Kevin Kung Jan Kleissl
California Department of General Services Techno- Economic Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of Solar Microgrids Kent Nielsen Jennifer Taylor
San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy The Effect of Human Encroachment on Natural Habitat Jonathan Appelbaum Jane Teranes
UCSD (Carbon Neutrality Initiative) Sustainability Ambassadors Program The Impact of Non-formal Education on Sustainability and Climate Justice Isabella Doohan Justin Meyer
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Trace Elements in Lunar Rocks as Implications for Moon Early Formation James Day James Day
UC San Diego Environmental Health and Safety Tracking UCSD's Gas and Electricity Use Sam Petersen Mark Jacobsen
San Diego River Park Foundation Trash Trend-Tracking in the San Diego River Morgan Henderson Elsa Cleland
Tree San Diego Tree San Diego Korrin Davis Jane Teranes
UCSD Engineers for a Sustainable World Triton Solar Car Project Jan Kleissl Jan Kleissl
UC San Diego Environmental Health and Safety UC San Diego Storm Water Program Amanda Loeper Jane Teranes
UC San Diego Environmental Health and Safety UC San Diego Storm Water Program Internship Amanda Loeper Jane Teranes
UC San Diego Environmental Health and Safety UC San Diego Storm Water Program Internship Amanda Loeper Jane Teranes
UC San Diego Environmental Health and Safety UCSD Storm Water Program Amanda Loeper Jane Teranes
UC San Diego Environmental Health and Safety UCSD Storm Water Program Internship Amanda Loeper Jane Teranes
UC San Diego Sustainability Ambassadors UCSD Sustainability and UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative Isabella Doohan Eric Allen
Tree San Diego Urban Sapling Growth, Planning, and Maintenance Korrin Davis Richard Norris
UCSD Cooper Lab Vertebrae Analysis Across Species Kim Cooper Kim Cooper
The Water Conservation Garden Youth and Adult Education Assistant Jillian Quint Alexander Huezo