ESYS Senior Projects 2021-2022


Organization Topic Site Supervisor Faculty Mentor
San Diego Habitat Conservancy Affordable Water Quality Testing Vince Rivas James Day
Corona Enterprises Analysis of Economic and Regulatory Feasibility of Communal Solar Farm Cody Harrison Corey Gabriel
Environment, Health and Safety Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Sam Petersen Keefe Reuther
Scripps Acoustic Ecology Laboratory Analyzing Cetacean Occurrence in Point Sur within the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary from Long-term Passive Acoustic Monitoring Alba Soisona Berga Simone Baumann-Pickering
Octavio Aburto Lab Analyzing Machine Learning Labels on Drone Images of Mangroves to Determine Efficient Methods for Quantifying Mangrove Extent Stanley Hicks Octavio Aburto
National Park Service/Holway Lab Ant Inventory at Cabrillo National Park David Holway David Holway
Roger's Community Garden Aquaponics Jasmine Chen Julia Diaz
Roger's Community Garden Aquaponics Jasmine Chen Carolyn Kurle
San Diego Habitat Conservancy Biological Monitoring Vince Rivas Heather Henter
San Diego Habitat Conservancy Biological Monitoring Vince Rivas Jane Teranes
San Diego Habitat Conservancy Biological Monitoring Vince Rivas Jonathan Shurin
Green New Deal at UCSD Building climate action support on and off campus Varykina Thackray Jane Teranes
Roger's Community Garden Calendar of Roger's Garden Tree trimming and fruit production Jasmine Chen Jane Teranes
WILDCOAST California Ocean Intern WILDCOAST Angela Kemsley Jane Teranes
WILDCOAST California Ocean: MPA Watch and Community Outreach Angela Kemsley Simone Baumann-Pickering
Hago Energetics, Inc. Carbon Removal Wilson Hago Julia Diaz
San Diego Natural History Museum Checklist for Vascular Plants in Open Spaces of San Diego Layla Hains Joshua Kohn
DRS Daylight Solutions, Inc Chemometrics for Microplastics using SPERO Microscope Eric Takeuchi Sarah Aarons
Cleland Lab Cleland Lab Fall/Winter Poppy Research Elsa Cleland Elsa Cleland
Corona Enterprises Closing Incomplete Markets Through Ecosystem Accounting Cody Harrison Dale Squires
Stuart Sandin Lab, SIO Coral Reef Management and Coastal Planning in the Maldives Catherine Lubarsky Stuart Sandin
Rogers Urban Farm Lab Cultivating Gourmet Mushrooms Will Tanaka Jennifer Taylor
Hago Energetics Dairy farm animal waste to hydrogen via biogas Wilson Hago Julia Diaz
The Nature Conservancy Data analysis on Danjiang Wetland Nature Reserve Restoration Program Le Ge Judson Boomhower
Student Sustainability Collective Diversity Within Sustainability Nicolette Solarez Chandler Puritty
National Marine Mammal Foundation Dolphin Cognition Lab Patchouly Banks Christine Johnson
Roger's Community Garden Dosatron and composting awareness around campus Jasmine Chen Amy Lerner
Dust Storms and the Salton Sea (Lab) Dust Storms Around the Salton Sea Amato Evans Amato Evans
Corona Enterprises Ecosystem Accounting Legislation Cody Harrison Corey Gabriel
Taylor Lab at SIO Effects of ocean acidification and warming on shrimp predator defenses Jennifer Taylor Jennifer Taylor
University of Aarhus Environmental Communications Brandi Morris Jane Teranes
Kasai Consulting Environmental Consulting Dave Burcin Jane Teranes
UCSD Urban Planning and Studies Environmental Economic Policy in regards to Food Sovereignty in San Diego County Amy Lerner Amy Lerner
UCSD Sustainability Center ESYS Water Project Jennifer Bowser Jane Teranes
Tree San Diego Expanding the urban canopy in disenfranchised neighborhoods Korrin Davis Mirle Rabinowitz-Bussell
Taylor Lab at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography Experiment on the effects of ocean acidification on the escape behavior and armor of two species of shrimp Jennifer Taylor Jennifer Taylor
UCSD Student Sustainability Collective Food Accessibility at UCSD Nicolette Solarez Sarah Aarons
Roger's Community Garden From Waste to Mushrooms Will Tanaka Amy Lerner
Corona Enterprises Green Infrastructure Cody Harrison Juli Beth Hinds
The Water Conservation Garden Green Projects in Environmental Sustainability, Dietary & Physical Health, and Horticulture Education Jillian Quint Pascal Gagneux
Prather Lab Health Impacts of Sewage and Pollution Run-off into the Ocean from Tijuana River Kim Prather Kim Prather
City of Houston Improving safety and reducing carbon footprint in the transportation sector of the city of Houston David Fields Kathleen Garcia
UC San Diego Health Indigenous knowledge and POC perspectives in Sustainability and Healthcare Barbara Hamilton Alex Stewart
Smith Lab Intertidal zones Isabella Doohan Jennifer Smith
UC San Diego Natural Reserve System Kendall-Frost Marsh Barren Area Investigation Isabelle Kay Ryan Hechinger
Corona Enterprises Legislation Writer Cody Harrison James Day
Roger's Community Garden Liquid Digestate as the Primary Nutrient Source for Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System Jasmine Chen David Holway
Marine Physical Laboratory, Scripps Institute of Oceanography Marine Bioacoustic research Aaron Thode Aaron Thode
WILDCOAST Marine Protected Area Internship Angela Kemsley Ed Parnell
UC Natural Reserve System Natural Reserve Docent Heather Henter Heather Henter
Tree San Diego Tree Educational Program for Middle Schoolers Korrin Davis Rachel Millstone
Tree San Diego Non-profit Work in Urban Tree Canopies James Berry Jane Teranes
Tree San Diego Obstacles and Benefits of Increased Tree Coverage James Berry Jane Teranes
UCSD Gee Lab Paleomagnetism in Antarctic sediment Brendan Reilly Jeff Gee
UCSD Urban Studies and Planning Department Paving Paradise: An Exploration of Urban and Agricultural Policies in San Diego County and their Potential for Fostering Food Sovereignty Mirle Rabinowitz-Bussell Amy Lerner
Climate Change Epidemiology Lab Racial/ethnic disparities in air pollution trends in California Chen Chen Tarik Benmarhnia
Okeanos Reducing Single Use Plastic with Innovation and Partnerships Conrick Gallagher Jane Teranes
SeaWorld San Diego Rescue and rehabilitate wildlife Jennifer Zarate Julia Diaz
SIO Paleomagnetic Laboratory Researching Marine Sediment Cores Brendan Reilly Jeffrey Gee
Tree San Diego Reviewing California Action Plan Urban Forestry Measures in San Diego and how to put these into practice James Berry Keither Pezzoli
Roger's Community Garden Roger's Community Garden Mushroom Intern / Food Wall Lead Chemist Will Tanaka Jennifer Taylor
SDHC (San Diego Habitat Conservation) San Diego Habitat Conservation Community Outreach Kathleen Pollett Joshua Kohn
Natural Reserve System Scripps Costal Reserve Conservation Isabelle Kay Joshua Kohn
UCSD Sustainability Shut the Sash Initiative Jennifer Bowser Jane Teranes
Corona Enterprises Solar Farms Project Cody Harrison Dale Stokes
Weston Solutions Stormwater Field Studies Michelle Mattson Morgan Levy
SDG Policy Initiative at UCSD & San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Policy Initiative Gordon McCord Gordon McCord
Voiz Sustainable Product Reviews Yvonne Espinosa Jane Teranes
WILDCOAST The conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems, as well as addressing climate change via natural solutions Angela Kemsley Carolyn Kurle
TIDES Project TIDES Project Isabella Doohan Jennifer Smith
Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve Kellie Uyeda Carolyn Kurle
Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve and Scripps Coastal Reserve Docent and Interpreter Louis Sands Heather Henter
UCSD Transportation Services Transportation Planning & Analysis Intern Josh Kavanagh Juli Beth Hinds
UCSD Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) UC San Diego Storm Water Program Internship Amanda Loeper Mark Jacobsen
UCSD Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) UC San Diego Storm Water Program Internship Amanda Loeper Neal Driscoll
UCSD Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) UC San Diego Storm Water Program Internship Amanda Loeper Jane Teranes
UCSD Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) UC San Diego Storm Water Program Internship Amanda Loeper Mark Thiemens
Cleland Lab Variety of germination cues amongst different populations of California Poppy Elsa Cleland Elsa Cleland
Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography Visual/Performance Art and Public Engagement Nan Renner Nan Renner
Voiz Voiz Sustainability Analyst Lead and Brands and Partners Intern Yvonne Espinosa Briana Iatarola
Tree Culture Wildfire Prevention & Silvicultural Intervention: Benefits, Costs, Tradeoffs Moshe Kravchow Jane Teranes
Sierra Club Zero Waste George Courser Julia Diaz