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CASPO Seminar - Ignacio Sepulveda (SIO)

01/30/2019 - 3:30pm
NH 101
Event Description: 

Speaker: Ignacio Sepulveda (SIO)

Title: Tsunami Science: Studies in early warning and tsunami hazard assessments


Tsunami Science may be divided in two major areas of research, early warning and (long term) tsunami hazard assessments. While the early warning aims to provide a rapid (i.e. ~minutes) and first order estimation of the behavior of a specific tsunami, the tsunami hazard assessments aim to provide an accurate measure of the hazard for future tsunami events. In this talk, I will present some contributions to both research areas. First, I will present the derivation of analytical solutions for the rapid estimation of the near-field runup of tsunamis generated by subduction earthquakes. I will also provide some further details about the response of the tsunami as a function of the earthquake characteristics and some shortcomings of the analytical solutions, regarding to their simplifications. Second, I will show my research regarding to the uncertainty quantification of (long term) tsunami hazard assessments, by following an stochastic approach. I will present an overview of my studies modeling the uncertainties of earthquake characteristics and their propagation to tsunami responses. Then, I will show our new studies assessing the impact of bathymetry data uncertainties in tsunami hazard assessments.

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