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Geophysics seminar: Gareth Funning (UC Riverside) "What have we learned from 27 years of earthquake studies with InSAR"

11/05/2019 - 12:00pm
Revelle Conference Room (IGPP 4301)
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Talk abstract:

 Since the Landers earthquake in 1992, over 150 earthquakes have been studied with InSAR. There are several advantages to using InSAR: it can provide direct observations of event location, surface slip and fault length, all completely independent of seismic methods. In this talk, I will show how these properties, via a compilation of earthquake source models made using InSAR data, could potentially be harnessed to identify unmodeled heterogeneities in seismic velocity models of the Earth, and to estimate scaling relationships between earthquake source parameters.
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Ross Parnell-Turner
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