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GS/MCG Seminar: Claudia Czimczik (UCI)

04/22/2019 - 12:00pm
Hubbs Hall 4500
Event Description: 

Title: " C cycling in the New Arctic: Isotopic insights into the permafrost C climate feedback"


The Arctic is shifting to a new state. We are observing rapid warming, loss of sea and glacial ice, an intensification of the hydrological cycle, and the warming and thaw of permafrost. These changes can trigger a cascade of biogeochemical and biophysical changes with wide ranging implications for ecosystems and human communities within and outside the Arctic. Specifically, the loss of permafrost may have significant implications for the global carbon (C) cycle and climate, because the northern circumpolar permafrost region contains an estimated 30-50% of the vast global soil C pool.

In my presentation, I will show how we can use measurements of radiocarbon (14C) to quantify microbial-contributions (including the loss of ancient permafrost C) to C emissions from terrestrial Arctic ecosystems. I will present measurements of greenhouse gases dissolved in lakes to understand the role lakes play in potentially rapidly emitting ancient permafrost C to the atmosphere in the form of the powerful greenhouse gas methane. And, I will introduce new technology we are developing to closing the Arctic winter data gap – the first year-round, quasi-continuous measurements of the age of soil-respired CO2.

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