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GS/MCG Seminar: Kate Mackey (UCI)

03/04/2019 - 12:00pm
Hubbs Hall 4500
Event Description: 

Title: "Shedding light on Synechococcus: How Photosynthetic Adaptations Give Rise to Biogeographical Patterns in the Ocean"

Abstract: Marine Synechococcus are a diverse group of photosynthetic picocyanobacteria that are ubiquitous in the world's oceans. Many closely related, yet genetically distinct strains coexist and undergo succession, with important implications for marine pimary production and biogeochemical cycles. In this talk, we will explore the microdiversity of Synechococcus in view of how specific photosynthetic adaptations to light, nutrients, and temperature give rise to Synechococcus biogeographical distributions and biogeochemical activities in the ocean.

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Savannah Lewis
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Geoscience/Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Seminar