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Ecology Seminar: Marilou Sison-Mangus (University of California Santa Cruz)

02/05/2020 - 12:15pm
Hubbs 4500
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Title: Toxic algal bloom as one of the drivers of ocean microbiome dynamics at a coastal site in Monterey Bay

Abstract: Microbiome diversity is important in maintaining crucial biogeochemical functions; understanding the factors that control microbiome diversity is therefore important in predicting the stability and resilience of our modern day ocean. Many co-varying physical and biological factors influence microbiome composition and structure, with phytoplankton biomass being the most known key driver. In my talk, I will use a 2-year time series dataset taken from the coast of Monterey Bay, California in examining bacterial and archaeal abundance dynamics where I integrate abiotic and biotic forcing in understanding their community structure and succession, with a special focus on the influence of diatom bloom and associated toxin on microbiome diversity.

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