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Roger Revelle Centennial Symposium

Devendra Lal Memorial Symposium

2013 Nierenberg Prize for Science in the Public Interest Honoring James Cameron

Charlie Fest Symposium

2014 Nierenberg Prize--SOLD OUT

Richard Rosenblatt Lecture and Memorial Service

Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture: Scripps Director Dr. Margaret Leinen

CASPO invited lecture: Steve Lentz, Wind driven exchange across the inner shelf

CASPO Seminar - P Adams (Carnegie-Mellon), "Global simulations of tropospheric cloud condensation nuclei"

Public Rosenblatt Lecture: Hopi Hoekstra, “Digging for genes that affect behavior"

Polar Seminar: Anders Damsgaard, "Numerical modeling of subglacial sediment and water: Viscous creep and plastic failure"

Special Joint Polar-CASPO Seminar: "Ocean-glacier interactions in Greenland: Fjord dynamics and heat transport"

CASPO seminar: Jinbo Wang - "The cross frontal exchange near the Drake Passage"

Deborah Bronk Seminar

Polar Seminar: Anja Diez, SIO, "Active and passive source seismics in Antarctica"

Ecology Seminar: "Spontaneous patch formation in a swarm of robotic plankton: Depth-keeping in internal waves"

CASPO seminar - Jay McCreary (U Hawaii)


Polar Seminar: Jill Mikucki, "The geophysicist and the microbe: an exploration of subglacial life"

May Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (5/9)

Sixth Annual Charles David Keeling Lecture

All Hands Meeting

Polar Seminar: Jeff Severinghaus, "New observations from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide ice core suggest strong warming prior to atmospheric CO2 increase during the last deglaciation"

Ecology Seminar: "Is your shrimp cocktail destroying the planet? Ecosystem dynamics of land use, climate change and mangrove ecosystems."

CASPO seminar - Louis Clement

Behind-the-Scenes at Scripps


CASPO Seminar: "Exploring key model physics in simulating the Madden-Julian Oscillation"

Ecology Seminar: "When models meet observations -- data assimilation in marine ecosystem models"

Polar Seminar: Matthew Mazloff, "State of the Climate: Southern Ocean Discussion"

CASPO seminar - Matthew Spydell

Shaping a Sustainable Future: the San Diego Climate Action Plan

Polar Seminar: Jess Millar, "Sources and sinks of momentum in the Southern Ocean State Estimate"

Birch Aquarium Full Moon Pier Walk

MAS-MBC Capstone Symposium

SIO Faculty Candidate Seminar - Christian Moellmann

SIO Faculty Candidate Seminar - Xabier Irigoien

Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture: Amazing Diversity of Fishes

The Amazing Diversity of Fishes - Dr. Phil Hastings - Birch Aquarium Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture Series

CASPO Seminar: “Europe at the Seaside: a 'blue revolution', from science to policies and 'blue growth'”

MAS MBC Capstone Projects 2015

June Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (6/13)

Polar Seminar: Alex Michaud, Montana State University, "Relict marine influences on contemporary microbial processes in Subglacial Lake Whillans, West Antarctica"

Special Joint Earth-CASPO Seminar: "The science of climate geoengineering: Stratospheric aerosols and human decision-making"

Special Joint Earth-CASPO Seminar: "Enhancing the ocean's role in atmospheric CO2 management: Marine (geo)chemistry methods"

CASPO Seminar: "Instability and mixing of zonal jets along an idealized continental shelf break"

Birch Aquarium Full Moon Pier Walk

SOLD OUT - July Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (7/11)

POSTPONED -- Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture: Glaciers Speak with Tongues of Ice

Green Flash Concert: Bad Suns and Zella Day

Scripps Technical Forum - Severn Marine Technologies - Biofouling

Scripps Oceanography Science Showcase

SOLD OUT - August Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (8/8)

Friends of the Collection Breakfast & Tours

Institutional Seminar Series - Dr. V. Ramanathan and Dr. Jeff Severinghaus

CASPO Seminar: "Sources and fate of cryosphere carbon in the East Siberian Arctic Ocean"

E.W. Scripps Associates presents Behind the Scenes at Scripps

SOLD OUT - September Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (9/12)

MSC Sustainable Seafood Program

Birch Aquarium Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - Sea Level & Our Coastal Future

Lunch and Learn: 2015 TriNet Challenge

Birch Aquarium Green Flash Concert

Birch Aquarium Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Birch Aquarium Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Scripps Student Symposium

Birch Aquarium Full Moon Pier Walk

Birch Aquarium Full Moon Pier Walk

Facilities Planning Retreat

CMBC Brown Bag: Nicole Capretz

Ecology Seminar: "Protistan grazer roles in marine food webs"

CMBC Brown Bag: Dr. Paul Jensen

Polar Seminar: Lynne Talley, "Topographic controls on pathways of northern Deep Waters through the ACC: a framework for understanding changes in the Bellinghausen Sea warm waters, sea ice, and circulation"

Ecology Seminar: "Blue and fin whale habitat use off Southern California based on acoustic data"

NSF Geo Informational Seminar

Special CASPO Seminar: "The lineage of El Nino"

GP seminar - Vera Schulte-Pelkum, U. Colorado Boulder

SOLD OUT - October Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (10/10)

Birch Aquarium Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - The Really Big One

Ecology Seminar: "Seeking order amidst species diversity: insights from a trait-based approach"

Birch Aquarium Great California ShakeOut!

Marine Aquaculture 101: What is it and why do we need it?

GP seminar - John Haines, GNS Science New Zealand

Institutional Seminar Series - Walter Munk's Birthday

CMBC Brown Bag: Adventures in Marine Conservation on Maui

CASPO Seminar: "Wave–vortex decomposition from one-dimensional ship and aircraft observations"

Ecology Seminar: "The physiology of coral-microbial symbiosis"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Katie Barott

GP seminar - David Sandwell, IGPP

Haunted Birch Aquarium: Shipwrecked Science!

Haunted Birch Aquarium: Shipwrecked Science!

Birch Aquarium Full Moon Pier Walk

Birch Aquarium Full Moon Pier Walk

Ecology Seminar: "Investigating hypoxia tolerance and cellular metabolism via genomic editing"

CASPO Seminar: Daniel Lecoanet - Volumetric Excitation of Internal Waves

MB Seminar: Deirdre Lyons

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Deirdre Lyons

GP seminar - Cathy Constable

CMBC Brown Bag: Peter Matthews

Polar Seminar: Till Wagner, "On the Role of Buoyant Flexure in Glacier Calving"

Ecology Seminar: "The effects of noise on pinniped behavior and distribution"

MB Seminar: E.W. Misty Paig-Tran

GP seminar - Pratap Sahay, CICESE

Birch Aquarium Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - Glaciers Speak with Tongues of Ice

CASPO Seminar: "Dissolved Oxygen, global and regional trends"

50% renewables: What should California do next?

MB Seminar: Charlotte Boyd

GP seminar - Michael Bevis, Ohio State University

SOLD OUT - November Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (11/14)

Polar Seminar: Jennifer MacKinnon, "ArcticMix Adventures"

Ecology Seminar: "Fragmenting marine habitats: impacts across ecological levels and ecosystems"

MB Seminar: Cuncong Zhong

Polar Seminar: Dustin Schroeder (NASA-JPL), "Geophysical Radioglaciology: A Window into the Physical Processes of Marine Ice Sheets"

Ecology Seminar: "Surfzone hydrodynamics as a key determinant of spatial variation in nearshore communities"

MB Seminar: Jan Amend

GP seminar - Allen McNamara, ASU

Earth Section Seminar: "The role of CaCO3 Reactions in the Contemporary Oceanic CO2 Cycle"

GP seminar - Vera Laurenz

GS Seminar- "Melting of Earth's heterogeneous mantle - what happens to crustal melt in the mantle milieu?"

CMBC Brown Bag: World Wildlife Fund

Birch Aquarium SEA Days - Polar Express

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Amanda Thomas

CASPO Seminar: "Horizontal water vapor transport: The role of atmospheric rivers and impacts on precipitation"

Ecology Seminar: "First Contact: The Biochemistry and Biomechanics of Initial Interactions between Symbiotic Partners"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Eva Stueeken

Guest Lecture - Naomi Oreskes

Nierenberg Prize Lecture with Lord Martin Rees

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Whitney Behr

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Melissa Kenney

Birch Aquarium Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - Unleash the Dragons!

CMBC Brown Bag: Dr. Jennifer Jacquet

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Isabel Rivera-Collazo

Rescheduled to January 15: All Hands Meeting

Ecology Seminar: "Moving beyond Drosophila envy: the genetics of speciation in a marine invertebrate"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Jeremy Boyce

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Helene Seroussi

All Hands Meeting - "The Birch Aquarium moving forward and how you might get involved"

Birch Aquarium SEA Days - Whale Tales

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Allison Smith

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Adrian Borsa

Scripps Director's Council Meeting

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Andrew Barton

2016 Scripps Science Showcase and Reception

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Emily Chin

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Fiamma Straneo

Faculty Reception

Who is Responsible for Climate Change?

Annual Knowlton-Jackson Distinguished Speaker: Margaret Davidson

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Gregory Johnson

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Alison Gray

CASPO Seminar: "From Tower to Ocean: Gustav Eiffel, Meteorology and Problems of Data Visualization"

Ecology Seminar: Michael Alfaro

Ritter Fellowship Public Lecture

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Alon Stern

Ecology Seminar: "Swimming and crawling in a turbulent world"

Ritter Memorial Fellow Seminar: "On Airs, Waters and Data Networks"

Special CASPO Seminar: "Hiatus or not? Understanding the climate of the early 21st century"

February Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (2/13)

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Alison Murray

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Sarah Purkey

Understanding and Protecting the Planet (UPP) Town Hall Meeting

Ecology Seminar: "Seabirds and Islands: Ecology and Conservation Opportunities"

SEA Days - Ocean Love

Ecology Seminar: Laura Rogers-Bennett

Special Joint CASPO/UCSD Institute for Public Health Seminar: "The contribution of outdoor air pollution sources to premature mortality on a global scale"

CMBC Brown Bag: Mark J. Spalding

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Colleen Reid

CASPO Seminar: "Fluid transport by aggregations of small swimming organisms"

Ecology Seminar: "Impacts of jellyfish blooms on Pacific Northwest salmon: evidence from the field and from ecosystem modeling"

COP21 Paris and Beyond: Outcomes and Future Directions

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Jennifer Vanos

Ecology Seminar: Elizabeth Dinsdale

Special CASPO Seminar: "Large lakes as a climate antenna: Sensitivity of a large, partially ice covered lake to interannual variability"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Tarik Benmarhnia

GP Seminar - Anders Damsgaard

SOLD OUT - March Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (3/12)

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Kelly Klima

Special CASPO Seminar: "Overturning circulation controls on the biogeochemistry and climate of the glacial Pacific"

Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - El Nino and Our Urban Ocean

CASPO Seminar: "Ocean heat transport: New observations and implications for carbon budget"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Gerard Wysocki

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Kate Ricke

GP Seminar - Adrian Doran

Seminar: Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Grunion Run

Birch Aquarium EGGstravaganza

Special CASPO Seminar: "Stable water isotope studies in SIO and AORI: Way toward 'Millennium Reanalysis'"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Delphine Farmer

CASPO Seminar: "Kuroshio Paradox: Why fisheries production is high in oligotrophic Kuroshio water?"

Institutional Seminar Series

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Jade D'Alpoim Guedes

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Michael Pritchard

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Drew Lucas

Open Coffee Forum with Director Margaret Leinen

Polar Seminar: Dan Lubin - "The ARM West Antarctic Radiation Experiment"

Bending the Curve of Climate Change: Why Do We Need an Alliance Between Science, Religion & Policy?

Marine Biology Seminar: Structural elements in biological materials with implications for bioinspired design

SOLD OUT - April Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (4/9)

Grunion Run

Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - UCSD at the Paris Climate Conference

CASPO Seminar: "Extreme moisture transport in the middle- and high-latitudes"

Ecoogy Seminar: "Life in a dynamic ocean: The impact of submesoscale physical dynamics on phytoplankton growth and competition"

Marine Biology Seminar: Origin and evolution of malignant malaria

Ecology Seminar: "Two oceans: Studying mechanisms of response to ocean change"

Polar Seminar: Glenn McClure - "Making the Numbers Sing-Whispers in the Ross Ice Shelf"

“Merchants of Doubt” and its Legacy for Climate Science and Policy

Marine Biology Seminar: Developing tools for crop protection in algal biomass production

Tsaihwa J. Chow Lecture: Michael Bender

CASPO Seminar: "What happened to 'Godzilla'? Why the super-El Nino of 2015-16 brought so little rain to Southern California"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Jeff Bowman

Ecology Seminar: "Economics outside the box: new perspectives for IUU and Indigenous fisheries policies"

Tsaihwa J. Chow Specialist Lecture: Michael Bender

Exploring Ocean STEM Careers

Polar Seminar: Neil Foley - "Airborne EM Resistivity Reveals Liquid Brines Beneath Permafrost and Glaciers in the Dry Valleys, Antarctica"

AOS Seminar: Title: Bio-optical Relationships in High-Latitude Seas

Climate Change: Strong Science, Forceful Actions, Positive Outcomes

Marine Biology Seminar: Taking RNAseq in Chlamydomonas to the next level

GP Seminar - Michael Hedlin

CPR & AED Training Day at SIO

Living Light Conference

Ecology Seminar: "Biology, ecology and conservation of the Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) in Mexican waters."

Polar Seminar: Matthew Siegfried - From WISSARD to SALSA: The role of subglacial lakes in West Antarctica through a multidisciplinary lens

AOS Seminar: Title: An Overview of Shallow-Water Acoustic Variability Experiment (SAVEX15)

Marine Biology Seminar: Discovery and characterization of interkingdom plasmid transfer from bacteria to diatoms

Special CASPO Seminar:"Eddy-wind interaction in the California Current System: Dynamics and impacts"

GP Seminar - Katia Tymofyeyeva "Is there a 'blind' strike-slip fault at the southern end of the San Jacinto Fault system?"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Timu Gallien

Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - Annual Charles David Keeling Memorial Lecture (Speaker Change)

UPP Session on Oceans and Human Health

Ecology Seminar: "Molecular Adaptation to Environmental Stress: Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Solutions"

Open Coffee Forum with Director Margaret Leinen

All Hands Meeting

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Edward Richards/ Emma Reeves

Marine Biology Seminar: The influence of coastal hydrodynamics on nearshore larval barnacle distributions and settlement to the rocky intertidal

GP Seminar - Shawn Wei "Imaging Mantle Wedge Melting of the Tonga-Lau-Fiji Subduction System"

SOLD OUT - May Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (5/14) -- SOLD OUT

Institutional Seminar Series

Ecology Seminar: "Evaluating sources of nutrition to mesopelagic food webs using stable isotopes"

Polar Seminar: Jeff Severinghaus - "The Rapid Access Ice Drill (RAID): Getting to bed in 2 days instead of 5 years"

Songs from the Sea

Green Flash Concert Series

Special Seminar: Lessons from Chernobyl and Fukushima: Do Nuclear Accidents Generate a "Garden of Eden" for Wildlife?

Marine Biology Seminar: Molecular toolbox for diatom cell factory

GP Seminar - Jillian Maloney "Mass wasting on the Mississippi River delta front"

Special CASPO Informal Discussion: "Bridging physical oceanography and interdisciplinary climate science research and education"

CASPO Seminar: "Insights into North Atlantic air-sea interaction from sea surface height"

GP Seminar - Zhao Chen "Microseism Source Direction from Noise Cross-Correlation"

CASPO Seminar: "Knowledge discovery in high dimensional data: A Western U.S. precipitation case study"

MAS-MBC Capstone Symposium 2016

Ecology Seminar: "How cyanobacteria invented biomineralization"

Polar Seminar: Cooper Ellsworth - "Development of subglacial drainage induces rapid ice flow rearrangement in West Antarctica"

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Mike Bianco, Title: Dictionary Learning of Ocean Acoustic Sound Speed Profiles

Marine Biology Seminar: Regulation of algal photosynthesis by light and carbon

Special GP Seminar - "Bag IGPP" & Cast Member Panel Discussion!

Second International Seadragon Husbandry Symposium

GP Seminar - John DeSanto "Sub-meter range precision of seafloor deformation obtainable from correlation of repeated raw sidescan sonar surveys"

AOS Seminar: "Microseism cross-correlation" & "Acoustic surface scatter"

June Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (6/11)


AOS Seminar: Snapshots with sound: Rapidly obtained ecological status indicators in coral reef soundscapes

Director's Council

GP Seminar - Duncan Agnew

CASPO Seminar: "Variability and trends in the ocean carbon sink from models and data"

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

SOLD OUT - July Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (7/9)

Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture: Small but Mighty: Evolution of the Mantis Shrimp Strike

SEA Days at Birch Aquarium: Experience Science, Exploration & Adventure!

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Special Seminar: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

Full Moon Pier Walks

Full Moon Pier Walks

Green Flash Concert Series at Birch Aquarium: The Greeting Committee with Ray Goren

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

SOLD OUT - August Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (8/13)

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Special CASPO Seminar: "Unveiling the processes behind surface mass balance in East Antarctica: Atmospheric rivers, clouds, precipitation, and beyond..."

Views on Offshore Conservation Approaches

Full Moon Pier Walks

Green Flash Concert Series at Birch Aquarium: Phases with Oh, Spirit

Full Moon Pier Walks

SEA Days at Birch Aquarium: Experience Science, Exploration & Adventure!

Special CASPO Seminar: "Tropical-origin atmospheric teleconnections under seasonally varying background flow"

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Scripps Institution Of Oceanography Faculty Candidate Seminar: Presidential Chair For Climate Change Impacts And Adaptation

Presidential Chair for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Faculty Candidate Seminar - Mark Merrifield

Birch Aquarium is open on Labor Day!

Scripps Community Open House

Members' Morning at Birch Aquarium

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

September Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (9/10)

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Perspectives Lecture: The Hungry Octopus and the Endangered Abalone

Adventure Aquarium!

Full Moon Pier Walk

Full Moon Pier Walk

Full Moon Pier Walk

Coastal Cleanup

SEA Days at Birch Aquarium: Mollusk Madness

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Green Flash Concert Series at Birch Aquarium: Olivia Lane with Nancarrow

Polar Seminar: "Gone with the wind: Modeling iceberg drift and decay in modern and glacial climates", Till Wagner, SIO

Ecology Seminar: "Two limitations are better than one: multiple nutrient co-limitation interactions in marine nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria."

Special CASPO Seminar: "Status of SMAP Mission and SMAP Enhanced Products"

CMBC Brown Bag: Desalination

Special CASPO Seminar: "Global climate impacts of fixing large long-standing shortwave radiation biases in the Community Earth System Model"

GP seminar: "The Influence of Melting on the Thermo-Chemical Evolution of Rocky Planets’ Interiors"

SOLD OUT - October Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (10/8)

Perspectives Lecture: The Insider's Guide to the R/V Sally Ride

CMBC Brown Bag - Sustainabilty of Key Fisheries in the California Current

Polar Seminar: "Dating Meltwater Pulses, Glacier Margin Change and Ice Shelf Collapse along the Periphery of East Antarctica" - Jane Willenbring, SIO

Cody Award Technical Lecture: “Toward a New Abyssal Recipe”

CASPO Seminar: "Do deep-convective aerosol effects resolve climate enigmas?”

Cody Award Public Lecture: The Role of Ocean Turbulence in Climate

All Hands Meeting

AOS Seminar: Title: “Turbulence in the Deep Sea: Tidal Mixing, Scattering, and Reflection on the East Tasman Slope”

Full Moon Pier Walk

GP seminar: "Experiments on Fe-Ni-S Liquid with Silicate Solids under Mantle Conditions: Implications for Deep Carbon, Primordial Components and LLSVPs"

Full Moon Pier Walk

Adventure Aquarium!

SEA Days at Birch Aquarium: Small Animal, Big Appetite

Full Moon Pier Walk

CASPO Seminar: "Wave breaking turbulence at the ocean surface: shaken, stirred, and on the rocks"

GS Seminar- Dr. Seulgi Moon

AOS Seminar: Title: “Air-Sea Interaction - from the lab to the field”

GP seminar: "Marine EM the past, present, and future"

Haunted Birch Aquarium

Haunted Birch Aquarium

Understanding and Protecting the Planet (UPP) Town Hall Meeting

CMBC Brown Bag: Coral Reef Systems

CASPO Seminar: "Orographic precipitation processes along the coast of northern California"

CASPO seminar: "Trajectory of eddies in a closed rectangular ocean basin and its determination mechanism by point vortex theory."

GS Seminar- "Ocean controls on climate: challenging heat and carbon budgets"

AOS Seminar Talk: “How Ocean Instruments Have Been Developed”

R/V Sally Ride BAS Member Night: Expeditions at Sea Gallery

Birch Aquarium Launches Expedition at Sea: R/V Sally Ride Gallery

Special CASPO Seminar: "Quantifying the influence of historical global warming on the probability of unprecedented extreme climate events"

GP seminar: "Meshfree Method for Fracture to Damage Multiscale Modeling of Extreme Events"

Scripps/UC San Diego Faculty, Staff & Student Tours of R/V Sally Ride

Public Tours of R/V Sally Ride

CMBC Brown Bag: The world of dolphins

CASPO Seminar: "Southern Ocean albedo, inter-hemispheric energy transports and the double ITCZ: Global impacts of biases in a coupled model"

Research Retreat

CASPO seminar: "Modeling and dynamics of the non-traditional Coriolis force in geophysical flows."

AOS Seminar Speaker: Mark Zumberge

GP seminar: "3D Dynamic Rupture Simulation and Local Tomography Studies Following the 2010 Haiti Earthquake"

Big Data, Data Analytics, OceanGIS & Maritime Cyber Workshop

CMBC Brown Bag: Creative Marine Conservation through Film

CASPO Seminar: "Butterflies and polar bears: Toward understanding sea ice predictability"

CASPO seminar: "The Importance of Lateral Variability on Exchange Across the Inner Shelf South of Martha’s Vineyard, MA"

Special CASPO Seminar: "Wave turbulence interaction induced vertical mixing and its effects in ocean and climate models"

SOLD OUT - November Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (11/12)

Perspectives Lecture: The Critical Need for Sustained Ocean Observations: CalCOFI and Beyond

CASPO Seminar: "Internal wave scattering in idealized and realistic continental slope canyons"

CASPO seminar: " Available Potential Energy of Coastal and Estuarine Circulation", Parker MacCready (UW)

GS Seminar- "Ocean acidification and marine phytoplankton”


GP seminar: "Structural controls on co-seismic slip in Japans subduction zones"

SEA Days at Birch Aquarium: Kelp Kornucopia

Explorer's Club

Rosenblatt Lecture: Discoveries behind Darwin’s Finches

Special GP seminar: "Recent advances in earthquake source spectral study"

Birch Aquarium closed today

CMBC Brown Bag: Student/Postdoc reports

Triton Innovation Challenge

CASPO seminar: "Numerical investigation of breaking internal waves on slopes, dynamics, energetics and transport." Bobby Arthur (UC Berkeley)

Seas 'n' Greetings at Birch Aquarium

GS Seminar- "Tectonic shortening, Sedimentation and Spatial Patterns of Erosion along the Andean subduction zone”

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Matthew Alford Title: "Observing lee waves, lee eddies, internal tides and other dissipative processes in the ocean"

Information Session, Master of Advanced Studies in Climate Science and Policy

GP seminar speaker: Adina-Erika Pusok, IGPP

New York Alumni Reception

CMBC Brown Bag: Climate and Ocean Sciences

Deep Ocean Observing Strategy Workshop

Deep Ocean Observing Strategy Workshop

GS Seminar- "Coupled onshore erosion and offshore sediment loading as causes of lower crust flow on rifted margins: a new form of climate-tectonic coupling”

Deep Ocean Observing Strategy Workshop

SOLD OUT - December Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (12/10)

Tidepooling Adventure with Birch Aquarium

Holiday Night Lights at Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Whale Watching with Birch Aquarium Begins

SEA Days: Polar Express

AOS Seminar Title: "The Wire Flyer profiling vehicle and a bottom imaging Lagrangian float"

CASPO Seminar: "Radiocarbon as a carbon cycle tracer in the 21st century"

CASPO seminar: "Symmetry breaking in quasi-geostrophic baroclinic turbulence by the emergence of coherent structures"

Birch Aquarium closed today

Tidepooling Adventure with Birch Aquarium

Birch Aquarium closed today

Perspectives Lecture: Amazing Mantas

CMBC Brown Bag: Carbon fee and household dividends

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Tristan Biard (SIO), "Rhizaria and Collodaria, the Elusive Stars of the Oceans"

CASPO seminar: John Taylor (University of Cambridge)

R-users Group- Intro Level Data Visualization and Data Wrangling

GP seminar: "New ways to look at active tectonic deformation of the continents"

January Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (01/14)

Tidepooling Adventure with Birch Aquarium

Director's Council

CMBC Brown Bag: Quality and Sustainability in Seafood

Polar Seminar: Laura Ann Stevens (MIT/WHOI) "Influence of meltwater on Greenland Ice Sheet dynamics: rapid supraglacial lake drainages to inter-annual ice-sheet flow"

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Pete Davison (SIO), "The Mesopelagic Shunt: Food Web Implications of Deep-Sea Predation"

R-users Group- Intro Level Data Visualization and Data Wrangling

GS Seminar- Roberta Rudnick, UCSB

AOS Seminar: A decade of adventures in acoustics after AOS

GP seminar: "The development of Marine EM and CSEM in China"

SEA Days: Whale Tales

CASPO Seminar: "Anticipating Pacific coral reef resilience and susceptibility to climate variability"

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Dan Costa (UCSC), "The Secret Life of Marine Mammals: How We've Pulled Back the Curtain"

CASPO Seminar: Global M2 Internal Tides and Internal Tide Oceanic Tomography

CMBC Special Lecture: Future Oceans

R-users Group- Intro Level Data Visualization and Data Wrangling

CMBC Special Lecture: Science Writing as a Career

GS Seminar- Heather Ford

AOS Seminar: Are there plenty more fish in the sea?

Knowlton-Jackson Distinguished Lecture Series

GP seminar speaker: Jonathan Mound, Leeds

Special CASPO Seminar: “Wind-Wave Climate, global and regional climate proxy and driver"

CASPO Seminar: "Kawase and McDermott revisited"

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Kelly Benoit-Bird (OSU/MBARI), "Resolving the Food Paradox in the Sea"

CASPO Seminar: Janet Becker (UH) - Wave-driven inundation of reef fringed atolls and islands.

R-users Group- Intro Level Data Visualization and Data Wrangling

AOS Seminar: To the Bayou and Back: Investigating the seafloor in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean

Science Policy Discussion Group: Science and Government

Special CASPO Seminar: "Exercising scientific leadership in an era of political uncertainty "

CASPO Seminar: "Insights from high-resolution simulation of cloud feedbacks"

Ecology Seminar - CANCELED

CASPO Seminar: Jerry Meehl (NCAR). Role of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation in recent expansion of Antarctic sea ice extent.

R-users Group- Intro Level Data Visualization and Data Wrangling

AOS Seminar: My brief escape from the Ivory Tower and why I came back (other than for the surf)

GP seminar: "Scaling Relation for Earthquakes 3.3 ≤ M ≤ 5.3 with Spectra That Are Not Classic Aki-Brune"

February Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (02/11)

Tidepooling Adventure with Birch Aquarium

Perspectives Lecture: An Archaeological Perspective on Humans and Climate Change

Oceanology International North America

CMBC Brown Bag: Speaking out for the Ocean: Communication to Spark Positive Change

[Polar Seminar] Yuzhen Yan (Princeton)

CASPO Seminar: "Super-ensemble statistical short-range precipitation forecasting over the contiguous U.S. and improvements from ocean-area precipitation predictors"

Ecology Seminar: Hao Ye, SIO - TBA

R-users Group- Intro Level Data Visualization and Data Wrangling

AOS Seminar Speaker: John Hildebrand, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

GP seminar speaker: William Savran/Yuval Levy

Joint Interdisciplinary Faculty Candidate Seminar

Science Policy Discussion Group: Environmental Policy Under Trump

Polar Seminar: Wally Broecker, Columbia University - "What drove CO2 down during each 100 kyr cycle?"

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Michael Jacox (UCSC/SWFSC), "ENSO and the California Current System"

CASPO Seminar: Kevin Sanchez (SIO/UCSD) - Top-down and Bottom-up aerosol-cloud-closure: towards understanding sources of uncertainty in deriving cloud radiative flux

R-users Group- Intro Level Data Visualization and Data Wrangling

AOS Seminar: Closing the loop: On the dynamics of a three-dimensional overturning circulation

Special CASPO Seminar: "Research to operations: Implementation and evolution of the NOAA National Water Model using the community WRF-Hydro System"

GP seminar speaker: Victor Tsai, Caltech

Tidepooling Adventure with Birch Aquarium

CMBC Brown Bag: Sustainability, Population, Censorship, and Unholy Left-Right Alliances

Polar Seminar - Kate Adams (Plymouth University)

CASPO Seminar: "Arctic-Antarctic parity in high-latitude climate sensitivity: The hydrologic cycle, ocean dynamics, and meridional energy transports"

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Jake Allgeier (UW), "Integrating consumer nutrient dynamics into models of coastal ecosystem function"

R-users Group- Intro Level Data Visualization and Data Wrangling

AOS Seminar: Acoustic Daylight imaging to helicopter sound sources: instrumentation for acoustical oceanography

All Hands Meeting

GP seminar speaker: Qian Yao/Yongfei Wang

2017 Tsaihwa “James” Chow General Lecture

2017 Tsaihwa “James” Chow Specialist Lecture

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Ted Cranford (SDSU), "Are Whale Heads Acoustic Antennae?"

R-users Group- Intro Level Data Visualization and Data Wrangling

AOS Seminar: Title: Transfer Learning and Deep Feature Extraction for Planktonic Image Data Sets

GP seminar speaker: Francesca Silverii

March Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (03/11)

Tidepooling Adventure with Birch Aquarium

Special CASPO Seminar: "Atmosphere-(land, ocean) surface interactions: Modeling and dataset development"

CASPO Seminar: "Satellite observations of convection-wind coupling"

MAS-CSP Public Lecture: Naomi Oreskes, "The Scientist as Sentinel"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Yong Chen

CASPO Seminar: Anna Savage (University of Michigan)

R-users Group- Intro Level Data Visualization and Data Wrangling

AOS Seminar Cancelled

COP22 Science and Policy: International Climate Negotiation in the Era of Trump

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Ryan Rykaczewski

Special CASPO Seminar: "Dynamics of the surface stress response to ocean mesoscale surface temperatures"

Data Archiving Event

CASPO Seminar: "Isolating the atmospheric circulation response to Arctic sea-ice loss in the coupled climate system"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Jeffrey Drazen

CASPO Seminar: Shu-Hua Chen (UC Davis)

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Diego Melgar

Earth Hackathon

Tidepooling Adventure with Birch Aquarium

[Polar Seminar] Derek Mueller, Carleton University, 2PM Hubbs 4500, Arctic ice shelves, epishelf lakes and basal channels

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Christina Frieder (USC), "The nature and nurture of biocalcification in marine organisms"

Faculty candidate seminar - Adrien Arnulf

AOS Seminar: Life After SIO: Convergence Zones in Small Business Environments

Infinity Cube at Birch Aquarium at Scripps

GP seminar: "Lunar Magnetism: the Lunar Core Hypothesis, Hypervelocity Impacts, and Earth-Moon Coupling"

April Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (04/08)

Springfest: IMMERSION

Faculty candidate seminar - Ross Parnell-Turner

CMBC Brown Bag: Science Communication through film and photography

CASPO Seminar: “NASA’s Oceans Melting Greenland Mission: Year 2 update”

Faculty candidate seminar - Andrea Quattrini

CASPO Seminar: Christo Buizert (Oregon State University)

MB Seminar: Robert Zeller (SDSU) "Comparative development of the ascidian peripheral nervous system"

GP seminar speaker: Surya Pachhai

Institutional Seminar Series

Faculty candidate seminar - Michael Stukel

Ecology Seminar: Dr. T. Aran Mooney (WHOI), "Bling for small things"

AOS Seminar Speaker Daniel Koestner

Joint SIO/History Faculty Candidate Seminar - Erik Conway

MB Seminar: Celina Juliano (UCDavis) "PIWI-piRNA pathway function in Hydra stem cells and regeneration"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Claudia Faunt, "Water availability and sustainability in California’s Central Valley: Past, present, and future"

Faculty candidate seminar - Lauren Simkins

CMBC Brown Bag: CMBC and my Science Envoy work: messages and opportunities

Faculty candidate seminar - Anela Choy

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Jed Fuhrman (USC), "Assessing potential interactions among viruses, bacteria, archaea, and protists"

Exploring Ocean STEM Careers Night at Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. David Battisti, "The effect of cloud cover on the Meridional Heat Transport (MHT): Lessons from variable rotation experiments"

AOS Seminar: Speaker Ludovik Tenorio & Madeleine Harvey

CTD Deployments and Anti-Fouling

MB Seminar: David Kline (SIO) "Conservation technologies for coral reef ecology and preservation"

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Tim Merlis, "Simple estimates for polar amplified climate change"

GP seminar speaker: Lingsen Meng, UCLA

Moving beyond the SBIR program- building a business and leveraging non dilutive capital

Grunion Run with Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Introduction to I-Corps Webinar

Evening with an Entrepreneur featuring Tina Nova, PhD

E-Team Program Application Deadline

Faculty candidate seminar - Erica Goetze

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Bruce Robison (MBARI), "Advances in Midwater Biology"

PhD Dissertation Defense: Kathryn Furby

CASPO Seminar: Kelly Ogden (MIT/WHOI)

Jenny Suckale (Stanford) "The role of multiphase flow in Nature’s extreme events"

AOS Seminar Speaker Michael Bianco Title: Dictionary learning-based techniques for the inversion of geophysical data

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Paul Loikith, "Connecting large-scale meteorological patterns with local scale temperature and precipitation extremes over the northwestern U.S. in observations and climate models using self-organizing maps"

GP seminar: "Compositional heterogeneity near the base of the mantle transition zone beneath Hawaii"

STF: Low Cost Data Links for Ocean Research by Fleet Space Technologies

Explorers Club: Pier into Scripps

Perspectives Lecture: Annual Keeling Lecture

Discussion with Sir Philip Campbell, Editor-in-Chief of Nature

Clinton Global Initiative University Application Deadline

Industry Job Search Series- Getting in the Door of Industry

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Alison Stimpert (MLML), "Combining acoustics and technology to advance conservation of baleen whales"

SeaTech Symposium

Entrepreneurship Seminar Series- IP/Patent Strategy

AOS Seminar Speaker: Dieter Bevans "Head Wave Inversion Technique utilizing the Low-Frequency Sound from a Robinson R44 Helicopter" Speaker: Eric Gallimore "Autonomous Target Reacquisition using Scalar Magnetometers"

MB Seminar: Ethan Bier (UCSD) "The implications of active genetics"

GP seminar: "Slow and fast earthquakes: diverse modes of fault slip"

May Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (05/13)

Grunion Run with Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Inside Innovation featuring Liangfang Zhang

Talking Science: Dennis Meredith "After the March for Science: Explaining Research"

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Sarah Wheeler (CalOST) & Dr. Kevin Hovel (SDSU)

Disseration Defense: N Tessa Pierce

Green Flash Concert Series at Birch Aquarium: JOHNNYSWIM

Open Coffee Forum with Director Margaret Leinen

Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: SBIR “Brown Bag” Orientation

Polar/Earth Section Seminar: Jeremy Bassis, University of Michigan

AOS Seminar: Speaker Dr. Lev Ostrovsky, Title: "Strongly nonlinear internal waves in the ocean: Propagation and interaction with turbulence"

MB Seminar: Anthony de Tomaso (UCSB) "Dissecting mechanotransduction in real time: how do cells sense and respond to changes in their physical environment"

Dissertation Defense: Weijie Wang

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Gudrun Magnusdottir, "Forcing of the wintertime atmospheric circulation by multidecadal fluctuations of the North Atlantic ocean"

VentureWell Faculty Grants Deadline

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Alex Worden (MBARI), "Phytoplankton strategies for life in a variable environment"

Green Connections Forum 2017


E.W. Scripps Associates Behind-The-Scenes Event: The Perfect Wave

MB Seminar: Patrick Allard (UCLA) " The toxic sins of our ancestors: mechanisms of heritable environmental effects"

Dissertation Defense: Jeffrey McQuaid

GP seminar speaker: Matti Morzfeld

Grunion Run with Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Open Coffee Forum with Director Margaret Leinen

Undergraduate DEBUT Applications Due

Big Data and the Earth Sciences: Grand Challenges Workshop

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Ryan Hechinger (SIO), "Trematode Parasitic Castrators"

Frameworks Workshop: Increasing your Capacity to Innovate

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Travis Schramek & Edward Richards

Sally Ride Science STEAM series- Transforming the Classroom Through Design Thinking

InnovateHer 2017: Innovating for Women Business Challenge

MB Seminar: Deoborah Yelon (UCSD) " Molecular mechanisms regulating cardiac architecture in zebrafish"

Thesis Defense: Thomas Chaparro

Ocean Friends Forever Day

Film Documentary: Sila and the Gatekeepers of the Arctic, Hubbs 4500

Scripps Undergraduate Research Symposium

CONNECT Entrepreneur Happy Hour

UCSD Startup Class Demo Day

Ecology Seminar: Dr. Kerry Nickols (CSUMB), TBA

GP seminar speaker: Sylvain Barbot

CASPO seminar: Navid Constantinou (SIO)

MAS-MBC Capstone Symposium

Girls in Tech Official Launch Party

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Ibrahim Hoteit, "The Red Sea Modeling and Forecasting System: New insights on the northern deep water formations and recent developments"

GS Seminar- "The Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt Ferric Iron Crisis”

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Emma Reeves & K.C. Cameron

Full Moon Pier Walk

Earth Section Seminar

MS Thesis Defense: Leeann Alferness

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Joseph Brodie, "Using mesoscale modeling to evaluate and improve offshore wind energy predictions"

Dissertation defense: Wenyuan Fan

Disseration Defense: Wenyuan Fan

Disseration Defense: Ellen Briggs

Full Moon Pier Walk

June Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (06/10)

MS Thesis Defense: Shreya Banerjee

Disseration Defense: Yuxiang Zhang

Perspectives Lecture: Mangroves: The Skin of Our Coasts

Advances in Drug Development and Delivery: Innovation and Patient-Focus

Institutional Seminar Series

Panel on Negotiating Salaries

Kimberly Chang - Thesis Defense

CASPO Seminar: He Wang (SIO)

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Chomgun Cho Title: The array-invariant based source range estimation using a vertical array in underwater

Dissertation Defense: Marlene Brito-Millan

Disseration Defense: Amy Van Cise

Ritter Memorial Fellowship Lecture: Darwin in the Deep

16th San Diego BioPharma Conference & 4th Pacific Bio-Partnering

SEA Days: Surfing Into Summer

BIO International Convention

5th Annual San Diego Start Up Week

IMPACT (launching at BIO 2017)

Green Flash Concert Series at Birch Aquarium: Cracker

Smart Cities San Diego Hackathon

Dissertation Defense: Kirk Sato

First Day of Summer Learning Adventure Camps with Birch Aquarium

Dissertation Defense: Martha Schonau

. Frameworks Workshop SBIR/STTR Track: Selling your innovation in a risk-averse market

Cerf’s up in San Diego

Dissertation Defense: Chomgun Cho

CONNECT Entrepreneur Happy Hour

Full Moon Pier Walk

July Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (07/08)

Design Thinking to Focus, Collaborate and Play!

Women Innovators in Human Health - From Bench to Bedside

Perspectives Lecture: Baja's Wild Side

SEA Days: Shark and Ray Day

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Partnering Forum with Illumina and Illumina Accelerator

Disseration Defense: Uriel Zajaczkovski


Patents and Pizza: US Patent & Trademark Office HighTech Patent Examiners

Green Flash Concert Series at Birch Aquarium: Steve Poltz with Opener Berkley Hart

SBIR Workshop

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. James Doyle and Dr. Carolyn Reynolds, "Making sense of sensitivity: Cyclone predictability and adjoints"

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks


Connect Small Talk: Women in Innovation

CONNECT Entrepreneur Happy Hour

Dissertation Defense: Josefin Stiller

Thesis Defense: Leah Lewis

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

SOLD OUT -- August Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (08/12)

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Thesis Defense: Lindsey Ekern

Green Flash Concert Series at Birch Aquarium: Milo Greene with Opener Verigolds

Charting Your Career/Business Re-Launch Success

Dissertation Defense: Eiren Jacobson

Chasing Coral Film Screening

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Connect with CONNECT ALL!

SEA Days: 100 Island Challenge

Pitch Your Idea Like a Pro - Startup Pitch Bootcamp SD 2017

Dissertation Defense: Anne Simonis

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

SIO Research Candidate Seminar - Matthew Dzieciuch

Ocean Acoustics, National Security, and Walter Munk

MS Thesis Defense: Natalie Bickett

SIO Research Candidate Seminar - Evan Um

Biocom - DeviceFest & Digital Health Summit

Influential Networking and Selling: How to grow your business and increase revenue in 30 days

San Diego Tech and Startup Networking Mixer

Dissertation Defense: Kang Wang

Dissertation Defense: Eva Luz Sánchez Alvarez

SIO Research Candidate Seminar - Matthew Siegfried

Hera Fast Pitch: A Pre-Summit Event

Biomimicry Institute - Integrate Biomimicry into Design

Institutional Seminar Series

Institutional Seminar

CONNECT Entrepreneur Happy Hour

DIssertation Defense : Alan Foreman

Spotlight on JLABS

Biocom - Young Professionals in Life Science Panel & Networking

NASA's Outer Planets Assessment Group Public Lecture - Dr. Britney Schmidt

UCSD Extension - Technology Licensing Course

DIssertation Defense : Jessica Masich

SOLD OUT - September Public Tour

2017 SBIR Road Tour California - San Diego

Takeda-Sanford Innovation Alliance Town Hall Meeting 2

Perspectives Lecture: Beware the Blooms

Biotech Demystified: The Science Behind the Business

Office Hours with Dentons

Biomimicry Institute - Biomimicry for Entrepreneurs

Dissertation Defense: Megan Barron

JLABS - Designing Nucleic Acid Medicines

Proof of Concept Commercialization Pilot Program Innovation Corps @ Department of Defense

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Celebrates 25 Years "On The Hill"

Explorers Club: Sink or Swim

Startups & Pizza: Protecting Intellectual Property (patents/copyrights)

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Rong-Hua Zhang, "Ocean biology-induced heating feedback on ENSO and the underlying mechanisms"

JLABS - From Chemical to Drug: The Path to a Small Molecule IND

Good Bugs vs Bad Bugs – New Breakthroughs in Microbiome Technology

Geophysics seminar: Christophe Vigny (ENS Paris) "Seismic Hazards along the Chilean Subduction Zone Inferred from 25 Years of GPS"

Green Flash Concert Series at Birch Aquarium: Pine Mountain Logs and Venice

Trending Topics in Healthcare IP - Hot Topics in FDA Regulation of Drugs and Devices

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar

Get Started San Diego 2017

MB Seminar: Jodi Young (Univ Wash) "How to be fast when you are cold: algal adaptations to polar environments"

Institutional Seminar Series

CONNECT Entrepreneur Happy Hour

Ecology Seminar: Lost in Transition—From Teeth to Baleen and Raptorial to Filter Feeding (Annalisa Berta)

CASPO Seminar: Bill Kuo (NCAR)

Full Moon Pier Walk with Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Meet with MPM Capital

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Derek Posselt, "Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) Mission: Observing near-surface winds over the global tropical oceans"

Full Moon Pier Walk with Birch Aquarium at Scripps

MB Seminar: Chiara Pisapia (CSU Northridge) "Multi-decadal shifts in coral assemblages and community metabolism associated with press and pulse disturbances in the Maldives and in Lizard Island, AUS"

Geophysics seminar: Michael Murphy (IGPP) "The Impact of Assimilating COSMIC GPS Radio Occultation and GPS Precipitable Water Observations on Forecasts of an Intense Atmospheric River during CALWATER2015"

Perspectives Lecture: The Lion and the Mouse

CASPO Seminar: B.B. Cael, "Can ocean primary production and biological carbon export be related through their probability distributions?"

Ecology Seminar: Alteration of Ecosystem Processes Through Rapid Environmental Filtering of Foundation Species (Thomas Mozdzer)

CASPO Seminar: Isabela Le Bras (SIO)

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Emma Heslop, "Gliders at the core of capturing ocean variability at seasonal to sub-seasonal scales, within the SOCIB multi-platform Ocean Observing and Forecasting System"

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Phoebe Lam (UC Santa Cruz) "Surprises in iron cycling at the Peru margin"

SIO Faculty Candidate Seminar - John Colosi

AOS Seminar: Dr. John Colosi (Naval Post-Graduate School), "Undersea Sensors for Mine Countermeasures and Munitions Mapping"

MB Seminar: Lisa Komoroske (UMass Amherst/NOAA) "Integrating across biological levels to inform fish conservation"

Geophysics seminar: Lingling Ye (Caltech) "Global Variations of Large Megathrust Earthquake Rupture Characteristics"

SOLD OUT -- October Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (10/14)

SIO Research Candidate Seminar - Todd Michael

SIO Faculty Candidate Seminar - Martin Siderius

2017 Nierenberg Prize for Science in the Public Interest Honoring Charles F. Bolden Jr.

Special Joint CASPO/AOS Seminar: Frederic Dias, "Extreme waves: Their observation, generation and simulation"

Ecology Seminar: Area-based Management Across Spatiotemporal Scales (Daniel Dunn)

CASPO Seminar: Mikael Kuusela (SAMSI and UNC Chapel Hill) "Locally stationary spatio-temporal interpolation of Argo float data"

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Maryjo Brounce (UC Riverside) "Variations in Fe and S redox states in ocean island basalts"

AOS Seminar: Dr. Peter Gerstoft (SIO)

SIO Faculty Candidate Seminar - Peter Gerstoft

SIO Research Candidate Seminar - David Kline

MB Seminar: John Griffith (SCCWRP) "The San Diego Surfer Health Study: Combining epidemiology and ddPCR measurements of pathogens to assess health risk of surfing following rain events"

Geophysics seminar: Emilie Klein (IGPP) "Probing plate boundaries rheology during the seismic cycle using GPS data"

Haunted Aquarium: Sea Monster Mash

SOLD OUT -- Scripps Institution of Oceanography Walter Munk Centennial Public Tour (10/21)

Haunted Aquarium: Sea Monster Mash

Dissertation Defense: Lauren Linsmayer

SIO Research Candidate Seminar - Nicholas Beaird

CMBC Brown Bag: Aquaculture

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Jorge Urrego, "Uncertainty quantification and parameter sensitivity studies in standalone and coupled sea ice models”

Climate Change and the New Energy Economy

All Hands Meeting

Scripps Science Policy Discussion Group: Making Climate Science More Relevant

CASPO Seminar: Leah Johnson (UW), "Fronts and Stratification in the Upper Ocean"

Dissertation Defense: Margaret Avery

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Emily Chin (UC San Diego) "On the development of the calc-alkaline and tholeiitic magma series: a deep crustal cumulate perspective"

AOS Seminar: Dr Dan Sternlicht (Naval Surface Warfare Center), "Undersea Sensors for Mine Countermeasures and Munitions Mapping"

Geophysics seminar: Surendra Adhikari (JPL/Caltech) "Title"

Ecology Seminar: Changes in Ecosystem Functioning Following Widespread Kelp Loss in the Aleutian Archipelago (Matthew Edwards)

Dissertation Defense: Adam Schlenger

CASPO Seminar: Irina Rypina (WHOI), "Trajectory encounter volume as a diagnostic of mixing potential in fluid flows"

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Marin Clark (University of Michigan) "Determining Near-Surface Material Strength From Seismically-Triggered Landslide Events"

AOS Seminar: Dr. Heechun Cho (SIO), "Acoustic Remote Sensing Using Sources of Opportunity"

MB Seminar: Kim Halsey (Oregon State Univ) "TBA"

Geophysics seminar: James Badro (IPG Paris) "Title"

Chow Public Lecture: Jess Adkins (Caltech)

Chow Specialist Lecture: Jess Adkins (Caltech)

CONNECT Entrepreneur Happy Hour

Dissertation Defense: Catherine Nickels

Ecology Seminar: Small but Mighty: Marine Plankton in a Dynamic Ocean (Susanne Menden-Deuer)

Dissertation Defense: Xiaohua Xu

CASPO Seminar: Pierre-Yves Passaggia (UNC), "New insights on turbulent horizontal convection from experiments and simulations"

AOS Seminar: Dr. William Hodgkiss (SIO), "Underwater Acoustic Array"

November Public Tour (11/11)

Excited About Your Story: Tell it like a TED Pro

Ecology Seminar: Influence of the Greenland Ice Sheet on Marine Ecosystem Processes (Matthias Cape)

Design@Large Series: Hari Garudadri (UCSD)

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Aradhna Tripati (UCLA) "Insights into regional patterns of warming and climate change since the last ice age from novel methods”

AOS Seminar: Dr. Jules Jaffe (SIO), "How Might a Maker Revolution Affect the Development of Technology to Study the Oceans: Examples from the Jaffe Lab"

MB Seminar: Jon Zehr (UC Santa Cruz) "Unusual nitrogen-fixing symbiosis: implications for evolution and global nitrogen fixation"

Dissertation Defense: Daniel Trugman

Geophysics seminar: Daniel Trugman (IGPP, PhD defense) "Title"

Deadline for LAUNCH, UC's startup accelerator

CONNECT Capital Match program deadline

Big Data Executive Summit: All About Us: Getting Personal with Precision Medicine & Oncology

Dissertation Defense: Kevin Sanchez

Triton Innovation Challenge

Ecology Seminar: Marine Mammals as Historical Records and Sentinels of Climate Change (Alyson Fleming)

CASPO Seminar: Alan Rhoades (LBNL), "Assessing mountains as natural reservoirs and dams using a variable-resolution global climate model"

Design@Large Series: Toward Gamification of Proofs about Programs

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Abby Kavner (UCLA) “The Electrochemical Earth"

AOS Seminar: Dr. Dariusz Stramski (SIO)

CONNECT – Most Innovative New Product Awards

Scripps in the News Showcase 2017

MB Seminar: Eric Webb (USC) "Trichodesmium consortium: species-level conservation and genomic signatures of predicted developing co-dependency"

Geophysics seminar: Vlada Stamenkovic (JPL/Caltech) "Title"

CMBC Brown Bag: Protecting Our Waters - An Enforcement Perspective

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Tapio Schneider, “Climate feedbacks from low clouds: Expectations, possible surprises, and improving models”

CONNECT Entrepreneur Happy Hour

Scripps Science Policy Discussion Group - Natalya Gallo

Ecology Seminar: Managing the Complexity and Dynamics of Marine Social-Ecological Systems (James Watson)

Resume Reviews for Grad Students

GSA grAdvantage Career Night

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Andy Ridwell (UC Riverside) "Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum Meets the North Atlantic Igneous Province: Coincidence or Global Environmental Conspiracy"

AOS Seminar: Dr. Ana Širović (SIO)

A View from the Vatican: Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Health as Our Responsibility

JLABS San Diego QuickFire Challenge Deadline

mystartupxx Accelerator Deadline

Job Search Strategy Q&A with Beyond the Professoriate Co-Founders

MB Seminar: Erin Bertrand (Dalhousie Univ) "Microbial micronutrient demand in a changing ocean"

Geophysics seminar: AGU practice talks/presentations/posters

December Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (12/9)

Dissertation Defense: Heather Page

Dissertation Defense: Jennifer Brandon

CMBC Brown Bag: Opportunities and Challenges of Aquaculture

CMBC Brown Bag: Proposed Federal Oil and Gas Exploration

Let's Talk: Social Innovation with Ken Davenport

Ecology Seminar: Integrating Community Dynamics and Environmental Variations: A Structural Approach (Serguei Saavedra; MIT)

Entrepreneurship Series: VC Financing/Trends

Earth Section Seminar: Nicole Gasparini, Tulane University

Earth Section-Geosciences Seminar: Nicole Gasparini (Tulane University) "The influence of rainfall patterns on bedrock river incision in Hawaii"

Special CASPO seminar: Jeffrey B. Parker (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), "A quasilinear foothold to gaining insight into zonal flows".

Geophysics seminar: Jin Zhang (U. New Mexico) "The hidden sides of the olivine-wadsleyite transition"

January Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (1/13)

Merk Innovation Cup 2018 Deadline

CMBC Brown Bag: Adventures in Science Communication

Inside Innovation: Larry Frank

Ecology Seminar: Unravelling the significance of giant siliceous rhizarians to the marine silica cycle: insights from the California Current Ecosystem (Tristan Baird; SIO)

CASPO Seminar: Jacob Wenegrat (Stanford), "From the submesoscale to the gyre scale: How small-scale fronts modify ocean mode waters."

Basement Startup Recruitment Fair

CMBC SPECIAL SEMINAR : Marine biodiversity beyond national boundaries

Earth Section Seminar: Aradnha Tripati, UCLA

Salty Cinema III: A Plastic Ocean

Dissertation Defense: Eric Orenstein

Geophysics seminar: cancelled due to the James R. Arnold annual lecture (CASPO)

17th Annual James Arnold Lecture: Sea level commitment from melting ice sheets

Humanized Mouse Models in Pre-Clinical Efficacy Studies in Oncology

Cooley U: Evaluating the Opportunity for a Reverse Merger

Scripps Technical Forum: Saildrone - Unmanned Surface Vehicles for scientific research and global ocean in situ observations

Ecology Seminar: Enlightening the black box of Phenotypic Plasticity- Molecular Mechanisms of Predator Perception also in the Light of Climate Change (Linda Weiss; Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

CASPO seminar: Joe LaCasce (University of Oslo), "The vertical structure of ocean eddies".

Breakfast with Biocom: 2017 Regulatory Reflections

Growing Up in Science


Earth Section Seminar: Vicki Grassian, UC San Diego "Mineral Dust and Sea Spray Aerosols: Where Geochemistry and Marine Chemistry Meet Atmospheric Chemistry"

iTALK: Crafting your Personal Pitch for 2018

Geophysics seminar: Zachary Ross (Caltech) "Connecting fault zone structures and earthquake source processes"

Startup Workshop - Introduction to Intellectual Property

Evening with an Entrepreneur – The Art and Science of Startup Exits

Oracle Lunch & Learn

CMBC Brown Bag: Science for Conservation

CASPO Seminar: Prof. In-Sik Kang, “AMO influence on the Pacific”

Women in Bio: Southern California Entrepreneur Boot Camp

Ecology Seminar: Omura’s Whales in Madagascar: Describing the Ecology of a New Baleen Whale Species (Salvatore Cerchio; New England Aquarium/WHOI)

Growing Up In Science Discussion

Geophysics seminar: Chris Johnson (IGPP) "Climate modulated water storage, the deformation, and California earthquakes"

Special CASPO seminar: Graeme A. MacGilchrist (University of Oxford), "Lagrangian perspectives of ocean ventilation in the high-latitude North Athlantic".

Dissertation Defense: Jun Liu

CMBC Brown Bag: Anne Salvanes

Ecology Seminar: Forecasting Population Growth of the Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale in a Changing Environment (Erin Meyer-Gutbrod; UCSB)

Inventing 101 with James Cairns

CASPO seminar: Igor Kozlov (Russian State Hydromet. University), "Satellite observations of internal solitary waves and eddies in the Arctic Ocean".

Entrepreneurship Series: Term Sheet Workshop

Rosenblatt Lecture: Marlene Zuk (Univ. of Minnesota) “Paleofantasy: What Evolution Really Tells Us About Sex, Diet and How We Live"

Town Hall Meeting: International Education and Research Strategies

Dual Multimedia Installations Address Sonification of Endangered Coral Reefs

Dissertation Defense: Yassir Eddebbar

NSF Seminar Featuring Dr. William Easterling, NSF Assistant Director (Geosciences [GEO] Directorate Head)

Geophysics seminar: Speaker (Affiliation) "Title"

February Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (2/10)

Scripps Science Policy Discussion Group: If Mitigation and Adaptation Aren't Enough...

Ecology Seminar: Using citizen science projects and technology to improve small scale fisheries (Octavio Aburto; SIO)

Startups & Pizza: Source Funding for NewCo

Thesis Defense: Elena Duke

Geophysics seminar: Bing Cao (IGPP) "Investigation of Gravity Waves in Middle and Upper Atmosphere Using Remote Sensing Techniques"

Institutional Seminar

Special CASPO Seminar: Prof. Emil Stanev, "Ocean forecasting: From regional to coastal scales (operational oceanography and data assimilation)"

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Dian Putrasahan, "North Atlantic circulation changes in a warming world: Grand Ensemble perspective"

Ecology Seminar: The future of fishes and fisheries in the changing oceans (William Cheung; University of British Columbia)

CASPO seminar: Pierre L'Hegaret (RSMAS), "Evolving oceanic pathways through the Somali Current (in the western Indian Ocean)".

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Jesse Nusbaumer, "Water tracers and isotopes: tools for examining climate model hydrology, physics, and related uncertainties"

Earth Section Seminar

Special CASPO seminar: Fred Bingham (UNCW), "Variability of the South Pacific Subtropical Surface Salinity Maximum".

Special CASPO Seminar: Dr. Sjoerd Groeskamp, "The many faces of water mass transformation"

Geophysics seminar: Junle Jiang (IGPP) "Title"

Dissertation Defense: Brandon Stephens

CMBC Brown Bag: Melanie Hutchinson, JIMAR

CASPO Seminar: Dr. Joe Tribbia, "TBD"

Ecology Seminar: Natural Disturbance in a Disturbed World: The Florida Keys in the Wake of Hurricane Irma (Steve Gittings; NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries)

Dissertation Defense: Jun Liu

CASPO seminar: Ali Mashayek

Growing Up In Science Discussion

Dissertation Defense: Veronica Tamsitt

Earth Section Seminar

Dissertation Defense: Dallas Sherman

Junior Faculty Lunch

Geophysics seminar: Gregor Golabek (U. Bayreuth) "Title"

Ecology Seminar: Controls on the relationship between Net Community Production and Chlorophyll in the Kuroshio Extension (Sophie Clayton; University of Washington)

HOLD: Alumni & Student Mixer / Innovation & Entrepreneurship Panel

CASPO seminar: Erik van Sebille (Utrecht University)

CMBC SPECIAL SEMINAR: Using 3D printed phytoplankton to study turbulence

Earth Section Seminar

Geophysics seminar: Florian Neumann (CICESE, MX) "Title"

March Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (3/10)

Institutional Seminar

CASPO Seminar: Prof. Kevin Reed, "TBD"

Ecology Seminar: Assessing risks to whales from commercial shipping (Jessica Redfern; SWFSC)

CASPO seminar: Laura Cimoli (University of Oxford)

Earth Section Seminar

Geophysics seminar: Emily Montgomery Brown (USGS) "Title"

CASPO seminar: Natalie Freeman (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

Earth Section Seminar

Geophysics seminar: Alisha Clark (IGPP/Northwestern U.) "Title"

Scripps Science Policy Discussion Group: Religious Environmentalism

Growing Up In Science Discussion

Earth Section Seminar

Junior Faculty Lunch

Earth Section Seminar

Earth Section Seminar

Earth Section Seminar

Growing Up In Science Discussion

Earth Section Seminar

Junior Faculty Lunch

Knowlton/Jackson Distinguished Lecturer

Earth Section Seminar

Earth Section Seminar

Earth Section Seminar

Earth Section Seminar

Junior Faculty Lunch

Earth Section Seminar

Junior Faculty Lunch

Junior Faculty Lunch

Junior Faculty Lunch

Scripps Research Retreat

Junior Faculty Lunch

Junior Faculty Lunch

Junior Faculty Lunch