AOS Seminar: Title: Two-component vector wind fields from scanning aerosol lidar

05/20/2014 - 4:00pm

Please join us for the following AOS Seminar on Tuesday, May 20 at 4:00PM in Revelle Rm 4301

Shane D. Mayor, Assistant Professor, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, California State University Chico

Title: Two-component vector wind fields from scanning aerosol lidar

Doppler lidars provide a direct measurement of only a single component of air motion (a three component vector).   This seminar will present an alternate approach to the remote measurement of two-component wind fields that utilizes a single scanning aerosol lidar and two motion estimation algorithms.   One of the motion estimation algorithms is entirely new and appears to provide higher resolution vector field fields than the traditional motion estimation algorithm.  Results from a 2013 field experiment using both Doppler and non-Doppler systems will be presented.  The speaker is interested in repeating the experiment at a coastal location to explore the performance of the technique over the ocean.
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8785 Biological Grade La Jolla, CA 92037, US Revelle Rm 4301