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Calendar Managers

Name Email Event Calendar
cconstable Seminars, Earth Section
dalden Scripps Technical Forum
jdreeves Education Department
ddarling Education Department
jteranes Education Department
ltauxe Education Department
gbretado Education Department
ajmiller CASPO
dstegman Seminars, Earth Section
mrsiegfried Seminars, Earth Section
fpaolo Seminars, Earth Section
afooter CASPO
arfehling Scripps Only
eallen Marine Biology
mkirk Seminars, Scripps Technical Forum
mdj006 Marine Biology
bbangle Public Lectures and Events, Scripps Only
dsandwell Seminars, Geophysics
trmartz Earth Section
bclausen Seminars, Applied Ocean Science
crocha CASPO
anpommier Geophysics
mnagarka Seminars
omarques Seminars, CASPO
kchavarria Marine Biology
jmoffatt Birch Aquarium Special Events
avillasb CASPO
dtd001 Staff
mrsiegfr Polar Seminar
jksaunde Seminars, Geophysics
cyou CASPO
kblowder Marine Biology
neprice CASPO
m3becker Polar Seminar
lpeoples Marine Biology
bzgliczy Marine Biology
sowei Seminars, Geophysics
afinlay Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
amw061 CASPO
basmarketing Birch Aquarium Special Events
hurunyan Applied Ocean Science
rlele CASPO
marruda Marine Biology
suadusumilli Polar Seminar
aszescio Ecology
juj024 Seminars
kcreamer CMBB, Marine Biology
rpguille Seminars, Marine Biology
mhamann Seminars, CASPO
kfitzmor Seminars, CASPO
e8chin Earth Section, Geoscience/Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Seminar, Geophysics
t4morris CASPO
rapostol Seminars, Understanding and Protecting the Planet
tclow Geoscience/Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Seminar
aren Seminars, CASPO
nogutier CASPO
ospereir Ecology
mjmurphy Geophysics
rparnellturner Earth Section, Geoscience/Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry Seminar, Geophysics
vvick Featured, Innovation & Career Events
rlampe Ecology
khenry khenry@UCSD.EDU Education Department
trblackmon Education Department
aandriat Seminars, CASPO
vscott Innovation & Career Events, Scripps Technical Forum
aho Applied Ocean Science