CASPO seminar: Ali Mashayek (Imperial College London), "Abyssal Recipes: old and new"

02/28/2018 - 3:30pm
101 Nierenberg Hall

It has been an open question whether turbulent diapycnal mixing is sufficiently large and abundant to play a dominant role in closing the deep branch of the ocean meridional overturning circulation (MOC). The patterns of the upwelling required for the closure of MOC have also recently been under reconsideration. In this talk I will (I) provide an overview of how our understanding of upwelling of deep/abyssal waters through turbulent mixing has been changing dramatically, (II) use a combination of observational and simulation data from the Drake Passage region in the Southern Ocean to explore the physics underlying deep ocean upwelling, (III) will question some of the common assumptions made when observations of small scale turbulence are used to obtain a global picture of deep/abyssal upwelling, and (IV) will finish up by summarizing the implications of all the above for closure of deep branch of ocean MOC and highlighting what in my view are important questions in need of further investigation.

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Manuel Gutierrez Villanueva
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