CASPO seminar: Igor Kozlov (Russian State Hydromet. University), "Satellite observations of internal solitary waves and eddies in the Arctic Ocean".

02/07/2018 - 3:30pm
101 Nierenberg Hall
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Igor Kozlov (Russian State Hydromet. University) 


Satellite observations of internal solitary waves and eddies in the Arctic Ocean

Internal solitary waves (ISWs) and meso- and submesoscale eddies are important dynamical features significantly impacting the hydrology of the upper ocean. However, these dynamic processes still remain largely unexplored and poorly investigated in the Arctic Ocean. In this work we exploit all-weather capability of high-resolution SAR and low resolution altimeter data to observe ISWs and eddies in the seasonally ice-free Arctic. Analysis of the data reveals key regions of ISWs’ and eddy generation, as well as their main spatial properties. As shown, ISWs are usually observed over steep topography characterized by high barotropic-to-baroclinic tidal energy conversion. High correlation between ISW probability and the rate of turbulent kinetic energy dissipation derived from microstructure measurements suggests that ISWs may promote enhanced vertical mixing in some Arctic regions. Results on eddies are presented for selected Arctic regions including Eurasian Arctic, and Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. Detailed maps of their locations, mean diameters and vorticity sign are presented and discussed.

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Olavo Badaró Marques
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