CASPO seminar: "Numerical investigation of breaking internal waves on slopes, dynamics, energetics and transport." Bobby Arthur (UC Berkeley)

11/30/2016 - 3:30pm
Nierenberg Hall 101
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Bobby Arthur, UC Berkeley
"Numerical investigation of breaking internal waves on slopes, dynamics, energetics and transport.
Over the past fifty years, advancements in ocean instrumentation have led to fascinating observations of internal waves propagating, shoaling, and breaking in the coastal ocean. These observations have shown that breaking internal waves are important contributors to transport and mixing in coastal ecosystems, as well as to turbulent dissipation and mixing in the global ocean energy budget. However, internal wave physics, especially the process of breaking on slopes, remains an open area of research. Due to the limited spatial and temporal resolution of field observations in the ocean, many idealized laboratory and numerical experiments have been used study internal waves. In this talk, I will present results from direct numerical simulations (DNS) of breaking internal waves in an idealized, laboratory-scale domain. I will begin by discussing the dynamics of internal wave breaking, focusing on the development of turbulence. Then, I will examine the effects of this turbulence on internal wave energetics and transport. In terms of energetics, I will focus on turbulent dissipation and mixing during wave breaking, and quantify the mixing efficiency of a breaking internal wave event. In terms of transport, I will use particle tracking to quantify cross-shore and along-shore transport driven by a breaking wave. Throughout the talk, I will make an effort to place the results of these idealized simulations within the context of field-scale questions in oceanography"
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