CMBC Brown Bag: Protecting Our Waters - An Enforcement Perspective

12/05/2017 - 12:30pm
4500 Hubbs Hall
Event Description: 
The San Diego City Attorney’s Office Consumer and Environmental Protection Unit (CEPU), in concert with local law enforcement agencies, works to protect our ocean waters and marine life. One area of enforcement is the prosecution of poaching cases from marine protected areas (MPAs). This talk will discuss the broader enforcement picture, including how cases are investigated and subsequently prosecuted, with a focus on cases involving MPAs.

Speakers: Kathryn Lange Turner has been a licensed California attorney for 27 years. She has spent 17 years in the San Diego City Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor and has been in the Consumer and Environmental Protection Unit for 13 years. She is the Chief Deputy for the Unit. Ms. Turner is co-author of the California District Attorneys Association’s, Environmental Crimes Prosecution Manual (First Edition), Environmental Offenses: Case-Referral Guidelines. Ms. Turner has received commendations from the Office of the United States Attorney, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations, California Department of Fish and Game, San Diego Hazardous Waste Task Force and the San Diego City Manager and City Attorneys. 

Cheryl Shitabata is a Deputy City Attorney with the San Diego City Attorney’s Office. For the last two years she has been assigned to the Consumer and Environmental Protection Unit (CEPU) where she handles complex criminal and civil prosecution cases. Prior to joining CEPU Ms. Shitabata was assigned to the General Trial Unit and the Domestic Violence Unit where she negotiated and handled hundreds of criminal matters. Ms. Shitabata has served as an instructor for local environmental regulators including the County of San Diego’s Department of Environmental Health as well as several City of San Diego departments.

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