CMBC SPECIAL SEMINAR: Using 3D printed phytoplankton to study turbulence

03/08/2018 - 12:00pm
4500 Hubbs Hall
Event Description: 

Dr. Russell Arnott - Bath University

Title: Micro-plants and mixing: using 3D printed phytoplankton to study turbulence and engage the public

Abstract: The 30,000+ species of phytoplankton exhibit remarkable variations in their shapes and sizes but too often, they are modelled as overly simple shapes! As well as different shapes, they also have countless mechanisms to help them get an upper hand in different environments particularly ones with different levels of turbulent mixing.

Russell Arnott is a researcher at the University of Bath, England as well as the educational consultant for Incredible Oceans – a marine education charity based in the UK. During this presentation, Russell will discuss how he uses his 3D-printed phytoplankton to research their hydrodynamic behaviour in different turbulent environments going on to showcase some of the educational outreach that he is involved with.

BIO: Having studied Oceanography at the University of Southampton, UK, Russell went on to work as physical oceanographer and sedimentologist for a commercial survey company. After a stint as a high-school science teacher, Russell is now a researcher at Bath University’s Water Environment & Infrastructure Resilience (WEIR) unit. His research focuses on the link between phytoplankton morphology and turbulent mixing for which he uses 3D microscopy to produce a physical model of a phytoplankton cell in order to conduct hydrodynamic tests on. In addition, Russell acts as the Educational Consultant and Presenter for Incredible Oceans; a marine education charity that aims to increase the level of ocean literacy in people of all ages and backgrounds.


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