Dr. James Behrens: Marine Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Geophysical Exploration: technology transition from academia to industry / CDIP: Measuring and forecasting waves

04/26/2018 - 4:00pm
Spiess 330
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Dr James Behrens, CDIP

1) Marine Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Geophysical Exploration: technology transition from academia to industry

In the early 2000’s, Marine CSEM, a method of measuring the electrical conductivity of the seafloor, was demonstrated to be a direct hydrocarbon indicator.  CSEM was devised by SIO’s Chip Cox in the late 1970's, and the technology to conduct surveys was developed primarily by researchers at SIO and Cambridge University investigating tectonic processes and salt body characterization.  Statoil commissioned the two groups to acquire a proof-of-concept survey for oil detection off Angola in 2000, and then proceeded to invest heavily in the commercialization of the technique.  Oil companies and oilfield service providers of all sizes quickly turned their attention to what was being marketed as the next “game changing” technology in exploration.  I will discuss CSEM’s impact on the oil industry, and the oil industry’s impact on CSEM, from the perspective of my experiences within both the academic and commercial sectors.
2) CDIP: Measuring and forecasting waves
The Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP) is a wave monitoring and prediction program based at SIO.  With primary funding from the US Army Corps of Engineers, CDIP maintains an array of Datawell Waverider directional wave buoys in US waters.  Additional public funding comes from the State of California, the US Navy, the Department of Energy, and NASA.  Collaborations with NOAA’s regional IOOS programs have further expanded the CDIP buoy array, which presently includes 70+ stations along the Atlantic and Pacific mainland coasts, Alaska, Hawaii, the South Pacific, Lake Superior, the Gulf Coast of Florida, and Puerto Rico.  With over 40 years of experience making wave observations, plus operational wave forecast modeling capability along the California coast, CDIP’s products and services are now also increasingly integrated into industry partnerships. 
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