Dual Multimedia Installations Address Sonification of Endangered Coral Reefs

02/08/2018 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Qualcomm Institute's Atkinson Hall
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Performances of Erasure and Hearing Seascapes set for 5-7pm on Feb. 8 at Qualcomm Institute

In spring 2017, UC San Diego music professor and former Qualcomm Institute (QI) composer in residence Lei Liang, and Falko Kuester, the institute’s professor of visualization and virtual reality, organized a unique seminar course on “Hearing Seascapes: A Collaborative Seminar on the Sonification of Coral Reefs.” It provided graduate students, primarily from the Music department, with an opportunity to develop multimedia projects to highlight the dangers facing coral reefs in many parts of the world.

Out of that seminar course emerged two art installations accepted into the Qualcomm Institute’s Initiative for Digital Exploration of Arts & Sciences (IDEAS) 2017-2018 performance season. The two works will premiere simultaneously in QI’s Atkinson Hall on the UC San Diego campus. The immersive works include:

  • Erasure, an ambitious multimedia installation produced by a robust collaboration among three UC San Diego Music Ph.D. students: Jacob Sundstrom in Computer Music, Fiona Digney in Music Performance, and Anthony Vine in Musical Composition, together with Computer Science and Engineering Ph.D. student Vid Petrovic. The visual component of Erasure consists of 3D photomosaic models of coral reefs taken from the 100 Island Challenge, based at Scripps Institution of Oceanography; and
  • Hearing Seascapes, which combines coral-reef imagery and audio data to generate sound based on the location and viewpoints of endangered coral reefs. The work was co-developed by Lauren Jones, a Music graduate student in Vocal Performance, and Music Ph.D. student Eunjeong Stella Ko, both at UC San Diego.

Hearing Seascapes will be staged in the SunCAVE virtual-reality (VR) room in the Immersive Visualization Lab, and Erasure in the Reconfigurable Media Lab, both on the first floor of QI's Atkinson Hall. The works will premiere Thursday, February 8, 2018 from 5-7 p.m., followed by a public reception. Starting at 5:30pm, Music professor Lei Liang will introduce a series of short talks by the artists behind both works.

“Over the last several decades, coral-reef ecosystems have suffered significant impacts from both local and global factors,” said Ko. “We aim to convey important messaging to the audience and illuminate data that show the declining health of ocean coral reefs.”

For more details about the performances, visit: http://go.ucsd.edu/2FChAn1

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