Earth Section Seminar: Some New Constrains of Martian Meteorites

10/21/2013 - 3:00pm

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Please join us for the Monday Earth Seminar, October 21st, 2013:

*** Earth Section Seminar Series ***

Who: Dr. Yang Liu

Title: "Some New Constrains of Martian Meteorites"

Where: Hubbs 4500

When: Monday, October 21st. Refreshments at 3:00PM, Talk at 3:15PM

Some New Constraints of Martian Meteorites

Martian meteorites are the only direct geological samples from the red planet.  The mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry of these basaltic samples provide clues of the formation and evolution of martian mantle.  In addition, these samples carry shock-induced minerals that were formed during impact excavation and launch from Mars.   In this talk, I will discuss results on two martian meteorites (EET 79001 and Tissint).  EET 79001 is an Antarctica meteorite find, and its noble gas contents were used to pin the martian origin of this type of meteorites (Shergottites).  Tissint is a fall occurred in Tata, Morocco in July 2011.  The mineralogy and petrography study of EET 79001 suggests magma mixing in forming the EET parent melt.  Additionally, we suggest a possible new mechanism for its formation with early crystallization occurring at the martian crust-mantle boundary, followed by polybaric crystallization during its ascent to near surface environment.   The observation of extraordinary high-P, shock-formed minerals in Tissint promoted scrutiny of other martian samples, results may contribute to the impact events that excavated and launched these samples from Mars, as well as the interpretation of radiogenic isotope systems of these rocks.  
These are two papers relevant to the talk:

New constraints on the formation of shergottite Elephant Moraine 79001 lithology A (Liu et al., 2013)


The Tissint Martian meteorite as evidence for the largest impact excavation (Baziotis et al., 2013)

If you would like to meet with Dr. Yang Liu in the morning before the talk, please let me know by reply email as soon as possible.


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