Ecology Seminar: Marine Mammals as Historical Records and Sentinels of Climate Change (Alyson Fleming)

11/29/2017 - 12:15pm
Hubbs Hall 4500
Event Description: 

Recent studies suggest that changes in environmental conditions and at lower trophic levels can be amplified at higher trophic levels due to nonlinear responses of biological communities and predatory interactions. Large, migratory predators can be particularly useful indicators of ecosystem change and biological responses to climate fluctuations. In complex and dynamic ecosystems, the foraging behavior of top predators can provide a synoptic or integrative view of change while in remote habitats, top predator data may be able to fill in knowledge gaps where traditional oceanographic monitoring has been absent. In this seminar, I will present data from cetaceans in the California Current and the Arctic, from both modern and historical biological collections, and discuss the environmental changes these taxa have responded to in these distinct ecosystem.  

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