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Roger Revelle Centennial Symposium

Devendra Lal Memorial Symposium

2013 Nierenberg Prize for Science in the Public Interest Honoring James Cameron

Charlie Fest Symposium

2014 Nierenberg Prize--SOLD OUT

Richard Rosenblatt Lecture and Memorial Service

Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture: Scripps Director Dr. Margaret Leinen

CASPO invited lecture: Steve Lentz, Wind driven exchange across the inner shelf

CASPO Seminar - P Adams (Carnegie-Mellon), "Global simulations of tropospheric cloud condensation nuclei"

Public Rosenblatt Lecture: Hopi Hoekstra, “Digging for genes that affect behavior"

Polar Seminar: Anders Damsgaard, "Numerical modeling of subglacial sediment and water: Viscous creep and plastic failure"

Special Joint Polar-CASPO Seminar: "Ocean-glacier interactions in Greenland: Fjord dynamics and heat transport"

CASPO seminar: Jinbo Wang - "The cross frontal exchange near the Drake Passage"

Deborah Bronk Seminar

Polar Seminar: Anja Diez, SIO, "Active and passive source seismics in Antarctica"

Ecology Seminar: "Spontaneous patch formation in a swarm of robotic plankton: Depth-keeping in internal waves"

CASPO seminar - Jay McCreary (U Hawaii)


Polar Seminar: Jill Mikucki, "The geophysicist and the microbe: an exploration of subglacial life"

May Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (5/9)

Sixth Annual Charles David Keeling Lecture

All Hands Meeting

Polar Seminar: Jeff Severinghaus, "New observations from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide ice core suggest strong warming prior to atmospheric CO2 increase during the last deglaciation"

Ecology Seminar: "Is your shrimp cocktail destroying the planet? Ecosystem dynamics of land use, climate change and mangrove ecosystems."

CASPO seminar - Louis Clement

Behind-the-Scenes at Scripps


CASPO Seminar: "Exploring key model physics in simulating the Madden-Julian Oscillation"

Ecology Seminar: "When models meet observations -- data assimilation in marine ecosystem models"

Polar Seminar: Matthew Mazloff, "State of the Climate: Southern Ocean Discussion"

CASPO seminar - Matthew Spydell

AOS Seminar: Title: "Testing conceptual viability of a “smart hook” for reducing bycatch and marine mammal interactions"

Shaping a Sustainable Future: the San Diego Climate Action Plan

Polar Seminar: Jess Millar, "Sources and sinks of momentum in the Southern Ocean State Estimate"

Birch Aquarium Full Moon Pier Walk

MAS-MBC Capstone Symposium

SIO Faculty Candidate Seminar - Christian Moellmann

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Dieter Bevans

SIO Faculty Candidate Seminar - Xabier Irigoien

Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture: Amazing Diversity of Fishes

The Amazing Diversity of Fishes - Dr. Phil Hastings - Birch Aquarium Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture Series

CASPO Seminar: “Europe at the Seaside: a 'blue revolution', from science to policies and 'blue growth'”

MAS MBC Capstone Projects 2015

June Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (6/13)

Polar Seminar: Alex Michaud, Montana State University, "Relict marine influences on contemporary microbial processes in Subglacial Lake Whillans, West Antarctica"

Special Joint Earth-CASPO Seminar: "The science of climate geoengineering: Stratospheric aerosols and human decision-making"

Special Joint Earth-CASPO Seminar: "Enhancing the ocean's role in atmospheric CO2 management: Marine (geo)chemistry methods"

CASPO Seminar: "Instability and mixing of zonal jets along an idealized continental shelf break"

Birch Aquarium Full Moon Pier Walk

SOLD OUT - July Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (7/11)

POSTPONED -- Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture: Glaciers Speak with Tongues of Ice

Green Flash Concert: Bad Suns and Zella Day

Scripps Technical Forum - Severn Marine Technologies - Biofouling

Scripps Oceanography Science Showcase

SOLD OUT - August Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (8/8)

Friends of the Collection Breakfast & Tours

Institutional Seminar Series - Dr. V. Ramanathan and Dr. Jeff Severinghaus

CASPO Seminar: "Sources and fate of cryosphere carbon in the East Siberian Arctic Ocean"

E.W. Scripps Associates presents Behind the Scenes at Scripps

SOLD OUT - September Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (9/12)

18th WMO/IAEA Meeting on Carbon Dioxide, Other Greenhouse Gases, and Related Measurement Techniques

MSC Sustainable Seafood Program

Birch Aquarium Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - Sea Level & Our Coastal Future

Lunch and Learn: 2015 TriNet Challenge

Birch Aquarium Green Flash Concert

AOS Seminar Talk: Global Ocean Acoustic Propagation: Measurements and 3D Modeling

Birch Aquarium Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Birch Aquarium Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Scripps Student Symposium

Birch Aquarium Full Moon Pier Walk

Birch Aquarium Full Moon Pier Walk

Facilities Planning Retreat

CMBC Brown Bag: Nicole Capretz

Ecology Seminar: "Protistan grazer roles in marine food webs"

AOS Seminar Speaker: Carl Gibson

CMBC Brown Bag: Dr. Paul Jensen

Polar Seminar: Lynne Talley, "Topographic controls on pathways of northern Deep Waters through the ACC: a framework for understanding changes in the Bellinghausen Sea warm waters, sea ice, and circulation"

Ecology Seminar: "Blue and fin whale habitat use off Southern California based on acoustic data"

AOS Seminar: Toward ocean attenuation tomography: Determining acoustic volume attenuation coefficients in seawater using detected eigenray amplitudes

NSF Geo Informational Seminar

Special CASPO Seminar: "The lineage of El Nino"

GP seminar - Vera Schulte-Pelkum, U. Colorado Boulder

SOLD OUT - October Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (10/10)

Birch Aquarium Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - The Really Big One

Ecology Seminar: "Seeking order amidst species diversity: insights from a trait-based approach"

Birch Aquarium Great California ShakeOut!

AOS Seminar: "Two emerging approaches to source localization: (1) array/waveguide invariant and (2) frequency-difference MFP"

Marine Aquaculture 101: What is it and why do we need it?

GP seminar - John Haines, GNS Science New Zealand

Institutional Seminar Series - Walter Munk's Birthday

CMBC Brown Bag: Adventures in Marine Conservation on Maui

CASPO Seminar: "Wave–vortex decomposition from one-dimensional ship and aircraft observations"

Ecology Seminar: "The physiology of coral-microbial symbiosis"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Katie Barott


GP seminar - David Sandwell, IGPP

Haunted Birch Aquarium: Shipwrecked Science!

Haunted Birch Aquarium: Shipwrecked Science!

Birch Aquarium Full Moon Pier Walk

Birch Aquarium Full Moon Pier Walk

Ecology Seminar: "Investigating hypoxia tolerance and cellular metabolism via genomic editing"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Scott Parks

CASPO Seminar: Daniel Lecoanet - Volumetric Excitation of Internal Waves

AOS Seminar Speakers: Chomgun Cho & Kay Gemba

MB Seminar: Deirdre Lyons

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Deirdre Lyons

GP seminar - Cathy Constable

CMBC Brown Bag: Peter Matthews

Polar Seminar: Till Wagner, "On the Role of Buoyant Flexure in Glacier Calving"

Ecology Seminar: "The effects of noise on pinniped behavior and distribution"


MB Seminar: E.W. Misty Paig-Tran

GP seminar - Pratap Sahay, CICESE

Birch Aquarium Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - Glaciers Speak with Tongues of Ice

CASPO Seminar: "Dissolved Oxygen, global and regional trends"

AOS Seminar Cancelled

50% renewables: What should California do next?

MB Seminar: Charlotte Boyd

GP seminar - Michael Bevis, Ohio State University

SOLD OUT - November Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (11/14)

Polar Seminar: Jennifer MacKinnon, "ArcticMix Adventures"

Ecology Seminar: "Fragmenting marine habitats: impacts across ecological levels and ecosystems"

AOS Seminar Title: On understanding the physics of the interaction of light and sound with organisms in the sea: Can it help us figure out what is there?

MB Seminar: Cuncong Zhong

Polar Seminar: Dustin Schroeder (NASA-JPL), "Geophysical Radioglaciology: A Window into the Physical Processes of Marine Ice Sheets"

Ecology Seminar: "Surfzone hydrodynamics as a key determinant of spatial variation in nearshore communities"

MB Seminar: Jan Amend

GP seminar - Allen McNamara, ASU

Earth Section Seminar: "The role of CaCO3 Reactions in the Contemporary Oceanic CO2 Cycle"

GP seminar - Vera Laurenz

GS Seminar- "Melting of Earth's heterogeneous mantle - what happens to crustal melt in the mantle milieu?"

CMBC Brown Bag: World Wildlife Fund

Birch Aquarium SEA Days - Polar Express

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Amanda Thomas

CMBC Brown Bag: Francesca Von Habsburg

CASPO Seminar: "Horizontal water vapor transport: The role of atmospheric rivers and impacts on precipitation"

Ecology Seminar: "First Contact: The Biochemistry and Biomechanics of Initial Interactions between Symbiotic Partners"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Eva Stueeken

Guest Lecture - Naomi Oreskes

AOS Seminar: Applications of acoustic vector sensors in the Arctic Ocean

Nierenberg Prize Lecture with Lord Martin Rees

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Whitney Behr

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Melissa Kenney

Birch Aquarium Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - Unleash the Dragons!

CMBC Brown Bag: Dr. Jennifer Jacquet

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Isabel Rivera-Collazo

Rescheduled to January 15: All Hands Meeting

Ecology Seminar: "Moving beyond Drosophila envy: the genetics of speciation in a marine invertebrate"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Jeremy Boyce

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Helene Seroussi


All Hands Meeting - "The Birch Aquarium moving forward and how you might get involved"

Birch Aquarium SEA Days - Whale Tales

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Allison Smith

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Adrian Borsa

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Mark Merrifield

Scripps Director's Council Meeting

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Andrew Barton

2016 Scripps Science Showcase and Reception

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Emily Chin

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Fiamma Straneo

Faculty Reception

Who is Responsible for Climate Change?

Annual Knowlton-Jackson Distinguished Speaker: Margaret Davidson

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Gregory Johnson

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Alison Gray


CASPO Seminar: "From Tower to Ocean: Gustav Eiffel, Meteorology and Problems of Data Visualization"

Ecology Seminar: Michael Alfaro

AOS Seminar Title: There must be a better way to characterize nanoparticles: The story of MANTA

Ritter Fellowship Public Lecture

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Alon Stern

Ecology Seminar: "Swimming and crawling in a turbulent world"

AOS Seminar: Speaker Kevin Hardy

Ritter Memorial Fellow Seminar: "On Airs, Waters and Data Networks"

Special CASPO Seminar: "Hiatus or not? Understanding the climate of the early 21st century"

February Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (2/13)

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Alison Murray

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Sarah Purkey

Understanding and Protecting the Planet (UPP) Town Hall Meeting

Ecology Seminar: "Seabirds and Islands: Ecology and Conservation Opportunities"

AOS Seminar: Speaker: William Kuperman Title: Review of Ocean Acoustic Time Reversal Mirror Research at SIO/MPL

SEA Days - Ocean Love

Ecology Seminar: Laura Rogers-Bennett

Special Joint CASPO/UCSD Institute for Public Health Seminar: "The contribution of outdoor air pollution sources to premature mortality on a global scale"

CMBC Brown Bag: Mark J. Spalding

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Colleen Reid

CASPO Seminar: "Fluid transport by aggregations of small swimming organisms"

Ecology Seminar: "Impacts of jellyfish blooms on Pacific Northwest salmon: evidence from the field and from ecosystem modeling"

COP21 Paris and Beyond: Outcomes and Future Directions

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Kai Gemba

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Jennifer Vanos

Ecology Seminar: Elizabeth Dinsdale

Special CASPO Seminar: "Large lakes as a climate antenna: Sensitivity of a large, partially ice covered lake to interannual variability"

AOS Seminar: Title: Survey Operations with AUVs

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Tarik Benmarhnia

GP Seminar - Anders Damsgaard

SOLD OUT - March Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (3/12)

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Kelly Klima

Special CASPO Seminar: "Overturning circulation controls on the biogeochemistry and climate of the glacial Pacific"

Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - El Nino and Our Urban Ocean

CASPO Seminar: "Ocean heat transport: New observations and implications for carbon budget"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Gerard Wysocki

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Kate Ricke


GP Seminar - Adrian Doran

Seminar: Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Grunion Run

Birch Aquarium EGGstravaganza

Special CASPO Seminar: "Stable water isotope studies in SIO and AORI: Way toward 'Millennium Reanalysis'"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Delphine Farmer

CASPO Seminar: "Kuroshio Paradox: Why fisheries production is high in oligotrophic Kuroshio water?"

Institutional Seminar Series

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Jade D'Alpoim Guedes

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Michael Pritchard

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Drew Lucas

Open Coffee Forum with Director Margaret Leinen

Polar Seminar: Dan Lubin - "The ARM West Antarctic Radiation Experiment"

Bending the Curve of Climate Change: Why Do We Need an Alliance Between Science, Religion & Policy?

Marine Biology Seminar: Structural elements in biological materials with implications for bioinspired design

SOLD OUT - April Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (4/9)

Grunion Run

Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - UCSD at the Paris Climate Conference

CASPO Seminar: "Extreme moisture transport in the middle- and high-latitudes"

Ecoogy Seminar: "Life in a dynamic ocean: The impact of submesoscale physical dynamics on phytoplankton growth and competition"

Marine Biology Seminar: Origin and evolution of malignant malaria

Ecology Seminar: "Two oceans: Studying mechanisms of response to ocean change"

Polar Seminar: Glenn McClure - "Making the Numbers Sing-Whispers in the Ross Ice Shelf"

“Merchants of Doubt” and its Legacy for Climate Science and Policy

Marine Biology Seminar: Developing tools for crop protection in algal biomass production

Tsaihwa J. Chow Lecture: Michael Bender

CASPO Seminar: "What happened to 'Godzilla'? Why the super-El Nino of 2015-16 brought so little rain to Southern California"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Jeff Bowman

Ecology Seminar: "Economics outside the box: new perspectives for IUU and Indigenous fisheries policies"

Tsaihwa J. Chow Specialist Lecture: Michael Bender

Exploring Ocean STEM Careers

Polar Seminar: Neil Foley - "Airborne EM Resistivity Reveals Liquid Brines Beneath Permafrost and Glaciers in the Dry Valleys, Antarctica"

AOS Seminar: Title: Bio-optical Relationships in High-Latitude Seas

Climate Change: Strong Science, Forceful Actions, Positive Outcomes

Marine Biology Seminar: Taking RNAseq in Chlamydomonas to the next level

GP Seminar - Michael Hedlin

CPR & AED Training Day at SIO

Living Light Conference

Ecology Seminar: "Biology, ecology and conservation of the Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) in Mexican waters."

Polar Seminar: Matthew Siegfried - From WISSARD to SALSA: The role of subglacial lakes in West Antarctica through a multidisciplinary lens

AOS Seminar: Title: An Overview of Shallow-Water Acoustic Variability Experiment (SAVEX15)

Marine Biology Seminar: Discovery and characterization of interkingdom plasmid transfer from bacteria to diatoms

Special CASPO Seminar:"Eddy-wind interaction in the California Current System: Dynamics and impacts"

GP Seminar - Katia Tymofyeyeva "Is there a 'blind' strike-slip fault at the southern end of the San Jacinto Fault system?"

Faculty Candidate Seminar - Timu Gallien

Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture - Annual Charles David Keeling Memorial Lecture (Speaker Change)

UPP Session on Oceans and Human Health

Ecology Seminar: "Molecular Adaptation to Environmental Stress: Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Solutions"

Open Coffee Forum with Director Margaret Leinen

All Hands Meeting

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Edward Richards/ Emma Reeves

Marine Biology Seminar: The influence of coastal hydrodynamics on nearshore larval barnacle distributions and settlement to the rocky intertidal

GP Seminar - Shawn Wei "Imaging Mantle Wedge Melting of the Tonga-Lau-Fiji Subduction System"

SOLD OUT - May Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (5/14) -- SOLD OUT

Institutional Seminar Series

Ecology Seminar: "Evaluating sources of nutrition to mesopelagic food webs using stable isotopes"

Polar Seminar: Jeff Severinghaus - "The Rapid Access Ice Drill (RAID): Getting to bed in 2 days instead of 5 years"

Songs from the Sea

Green Flash Concert Series

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Li Linhai

Special Seminar: Lessons from Chernobyl and Fukushima: Do Nuclear Accidents Generate a "Garden of Eden" for Wildlife?

Marine Biology Seminar: Molecular toolbox for diatom cell factory

GP Seminar - Jillian Maloney "Mass wasting on the Mississippi River delta front"

Special CASPO Informal Discussion: "Bridging physical oceanography and interdisciplinary climate science research and education"

CASPO Seminar: "Insights into North Atlantic air-sea interaction from sea surface height"

GP Seminar - Zhao Chen "Microseism Source Direction from Noise Cross-Correlation"

CASPO Seminar: "Knowledge discovery in high dimensional data: A Western U.S. precipitation case study"

MAS-MBC Capstone Symposium 2016

Ecology Seminar: "How cyanobacteria invented biomineralization"

Polar Seminar: Cooper Ellsworth - "Development of subglacial drainage induces rapid ice flow rearrangement in West Antarctica"

AOS Seminar: Speaker: Mike Bianco, Title: Dictionary Learning of Ocean Acoustic Sound Speed Profiles

Marine Biology Seminar: Regulation of algal photosynthesis by light and carbon

Special GP Seminar - "Bag IGPP" & Cast Member Panel Discussion!

Second International Seadragon Husbandry Symposium

GP Seminar - John DeSanto "Sub-meter range precision of seafloor deformation obtainable from correlation of repeated raw sidescan sonar surveys"

AOS Seminar: "Microseism cross-correlation" & "Acoustic surface scatter"

June Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (6/11)


AOS Seminar: Snapshots with sound: Rapidly obtained ecological status indicators in coral reef soundscapes

Director's Council

GP Seminar - Duncan Agnew

CASPO Seminar: "Variability and trends in the ocean carbon sink from models and data"

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

SOLD OUT - July Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (7/9)

Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture: Small but Mighty: Evolution of the Mantis Shrimp Strike

SEA Days at Birch Aquarium: Experience Science, Exploration & Adventure!

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Special Seminar: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

Full Moon Pier Walks

Full Moon Pier Walks

Green Flash Concert Series at Birch Aquarium: The Greeting Committee with Ray Goren

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

August Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (8/13)

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Full Moon Pier Walks

Green Flash Concert Series at Birch Aquarium: Phases with Oh, Spirit

Full Moon Pier Walks

SEA Days at Birch Aquarium: Experience Science, Exploration & Adventure!

Special CASPO Seminar: "Tropical-origin atmospheric teleconnections under seasonally varying background flow"

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks

September Public Tour of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (9/10)

HOLD: All Hands

Research Retreat

Deep Ocean Observing Strategy Workshop

Deep Ocean Observing Strategy Workshop

Deep Ocean Observing Strategy Workshop

Knowlton-Jackson Distinguished Lecture Series