Ecology Seminar: Using citizen science projects and technology to improve small scale fisheries (Octavio Aburto; SIO)

02/14/2018 - 12:15pm
Hubbs Hall 4500
Event Description: 
Researchers are divided over the wisdom of using fisheries landings to assess the health of a stock; a discussion that has dominated ocean conservation issues in the last decade. Many of the arguments connected with this debate come mainly from two sources: 1) the top-down way of collecting fisheries statistics from national governments self-reporting, and/or 2) modeling the catch trends of industrial fisheries of developed countries. In both cases, social issues, such as marine resources administration or cultural exploitation behaviors, aren’t considered in the above-mentioned sources of projections. Although my presentation won’t provide proven truths of how to enrich or forward this discussion, I will present the results of several research activities that my lab has been conducting in fishing communities: working with fishers and using GPS technologies to assess small scale fisheries. Through these citizen science projects, we have found that human behavior can condition the amount and/or type of fisheries that are recorded at the local level, suggesting that social variables should be considered in the greater picture when discussing ocean conservation and fisheries management strategies.
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