Faculty Candidate Seminar - Andrew Barton

01/20/2016 - 12:15pm


DATE:    January 20th

LOCATION:  Hubbs Hall 4500 at 12:15pm (SIO)
(2nd seminar 1/21 at 11:00am in 1103 Muir Biology - main campus)
SPEAKER:   Andrew Barton, Ph.D.
 Princeton University

TITLE:  Anthropogenic climate change drives shift and shuffle in marine phytoplankton communities

Anthropogenic climate change has shifted the biogeography and phenology of many terrestrial and marine species. Marine phytoplankton communities appear sensitive to climate change, yet understanding of how individual species may respond to anthropogenic climate change remains limited. Here, using historical environmental and phytoplankton observations, we characterize the realized ecological niches for North Atlantic diatom and dinoflagellate taxa, and project changes in species biogeography between mean historical (1951-2000) and future ocean conditions (2051-2100). We find that the central positions of the core range of 74% of taxa shift poleward at a median rate of 12.9 km dec-1, and 90% of taxa shift eastwards at a median rate of 42.7 km dec-1. The poleward shift is faster than previously reported for marine taxa, and the predominance of longitudinal shifts is driven by regional, rather than strictly poleward, redistribution of ocean habitats. A century of climate change significantly shuffles community composition by a basin-wide median value of 16%, compared with historic seasonal variations of 46%. The projected warming in the North Atlantic is often secondary to dynamic changes in mixed layer depth, light, and macronutrients in driving biogeographic shifts. The North Atlantic phytoplankton community appears poised for marked shift and shuffle, which are likely to have broad impacts on food webs and biogeochemical cycles.
Faculty Host:    Jon Shurin (jshurin@ucsd.edu)
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Hubbs Hall 4500