Faculty Candidate Seminar - Delphine Farmer

03/29/2016 - 2:00pm
Nierenberg Hall 101
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DATE:     March 29th
(& chalk talk 3/30 in NH101 at 4:00pm)

LOCATION:  2:00pm in Nierenberg Hall 101
SPEAKER: Delphine Farmer, Ph.D.
Colorado State University

TITLE:   Investigating the sources and fate of atmospheric organic carbon with chemical ionization mass spectrometry

The emissions, oxidation chemistry and deposition of organic compounds in the atmosphere controls their potential to impact air pollution and climate. These organic compounds include a vast diversity of functional groups as primary hydrocarbon emissions are oxidized through multiple generations. This chemical diversity determines the reactivity, aerosol formation and ultimately air quality and climate impacts. However, measuring this wide array of compounds is challenging. We are investigating chemical ionization mass spectrometry as a method for rapid, quantitative measurement of oxidized organic compounds. We have applied this instrumentation to field measurement of biogenic hydrocarbon oxidation products, laboratory measurements of oxidation products from anthropogenic engine emissions, and field measurements of biosphere-atmosphere exchange using the eddy covariance technique. We will present flux measurements of oxidized organics over a pine forest at Manitou Experimental Forest in Colorado, which allow us to constrain emission and deposition processes over ecosystem surfaces. These methods have the potential for application to flux measurements of both gas and particle phase compounds over an array of surfaces, including oceans and ecosystems.
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